Big Mouth season 2, episode 1 recap: ‘Am I Normal?’


Big Mouth is back for its second season on Netflix and it is just as funny and poignant as that first season.

Looking back at the first season of Big Mouth, this Netflix original animated series for adults was an honest and raunchy look at adolescence and puberty.

The characters include 7th grade best friends Nick and Andrew as they try to get through puberty alongside their friends, individual hormone monsters that each child has, and other personified objects like pillows and pubic hairs.

Big Mouth season 2 looks to be much of the same.

Nick and his new hormone monster

Nick is having a lot of problems in this season 2 premiere episode of Big Mouth. He isn’t growing and doesn’t seem to be experiencing the same things as his best friend Andrew.

His mom takes him to the doctor to see if things are ok and he learns he is in the very low percentile of a boy of his age on height but has an abnormally large head in the 90+ percentile.

When he mentions looking up hormone treatment on the internet, his doctor loses it. He asks if Nick wants to be the doctor; if he wants his degree; if he wants his wife … Things get a little creepy there.

But, not as creepy as when Nick walks out and sees Coach Steve uses the same pediatrician as he does.

And not as creepy as when Nick realizes that his hormone monster is the same one that still visits Coach Steve. That doesn’t look good for Nick.

Plus, the new hormone monster has one eye, one horn, only sees things in shapes, and has bad advice about everything.

When he asks Nick to masturbate and gives him instructions, things don’t work out. To make matters worse, he also loses one of his two pubic hairs as a result.

Luckily, the Ghost of Duke Ellington is there to pump him up, reminding him that Napolean and the California Raisins were all small and were still great. He then tells Nick that no matter your size, you can still win if you use your cunning.

Andrew and his dad

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Maybe, the hardest part to watch on the show was Andrew as he reached puberty, grew in size over the summer and got a small mustache.

Andrew saw himself as some kind of monster, blaming his own hormone monster. It also didn’t help that his father said he disgusted him by being so big and having a disgusting mustache.

As a result, Andrew has grown to hate his hormone monster despite it being completely supportive of him — the opposite of his dad.

When Andrew can’t seem to compete at basketball despite his size, his father continues to ridicule him. Finally, it all comes to a head at home when his dad forces his mom to wax off the mustache.

By the time everything comes around, there is a basketball game at the end and the kids have a chance to win for a change. Nick has the ball and Andrew’s dad starts to humiliate him from the stands, calling him a loser while he tells everyone they shaved his mustache while his mother openly cries about it.

When Andrew finally snaps, he heads into the stands to try to beat up his father at the behest of his hormone monster. As the other fans hold him back, Nick uses his cunning to sneak around and hit the winning shot.

At least Anthony’s dad congratulates Nick while insulting his son some more.

Jay and Jessi

In the final story in this Big Mouth season 2 premiere episode, Jay and Jessi ran away. Things were not good from the start as a pillow they had in the truck wants him to leave Jessi and hook up with her.

Jay finally makes the choice to be with Jessi. However, when they try to hook up at a hotel, he asks her to pretend he is a 40-year-old magician and she freaks out because that would make him a pedophile.

After she locks herself in the bathroom, her hormone monster has so many ups and downs with her that she has no idea what to do. At the same time, the hotel pillows want to hook up with Jay since they are easy.

Finally, they decide to go back home.

Jay realizes his mother never missed him and just thought their dog was him the entire time. That’s not good since the dog was eating Jay’s food and now feels fat, causing him to start a heavy workout routine to get back in shape.

Jessi sees her parents were worried but they won’t get back together for her since her mother has a new girlfriend and her dad has his drug dealer.

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It is still interesting that Jay has had mostly relationships with pillows, of course referencing the one he turned into a sex toy, but he is the only one of the four who does not have a hormone monster.

That is it for the Big Mouth season 2 premiere. Check back with Show Snob as we continue to review this season and make sure to stream it on Netflix.