The Man in the High Castle season 3, episode 2 recap: ‘Imagine Manchuria’


On the second episode of The Man in the High Castle, secrets threaten to be revealed while some secrets remain aloof.

Smith juggles navigating the new administration and keeping his family safe. Juliana struggles to discover her place in the order of things.

Juliana has a vision of her life in another world, discovering that she was Tagomi’s daughter-in-law there. Tagomi’s connection with her is why he accepted the films when Lem brought them to him. He tries to coach Trudy how to travel back home but says they both have too strong a hold on each other.

He also arranges to let Juliana watch the films, but she and Trudy are arrested by the Kempeitai right before he is supposed to pick her up. Kido is puzzled and disturbed to see Trudy, who he had personally executed, alive and well with Juliana.

Tagomi uses his influence to have them released, finally sending Trudy back to her own world. Meanwhile, information has reached Smith that Juliana has been seen in San Francisco, a fact that Kido decides to keep to himself when Smith calls to inform him.

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Inspector Kido has his new sergeant Takamura, an over-eager and nervous half white Japanese American, spearhead the investigation to find the resistance leader Hagan (Michael Hogan). Following information about a resistance cell and the possible location of Hagan, Takamura leads an ill-fated squad in to investigate and lose all possible witnesses in an explosion.

Hagan was not among the bodies, but now there’s no one to interrogate either, leaving the investigation at a standstill.

Smith finds out about the failed raid on the Abendsen’s farmhouse but doesn’t know who the targets were, only the codename Lotus Eater. He also discovers that Erich Raeder has gone missing and that no trace can be found of him.

Smith is a very clever man and clearly has his suspicions but is keeping them to himself for the moment. He doesn’t seem able to put it all together yet, lacking complete information.

Meanwhile, Alice Adler is spreading rumors about Smith’s daughters, saying that they likely have the same neurological defect as Thomas. The gossip journalist Thelma Harris published the rumors on Hoover’s orders.

Helen goes to confront Alice, who believes that Smith killed her husband to cover up Thomas’s illness and then had him cremated to cover that up – which of course is true. Their argument degenerates into a fight, Alice almost choking Helen to death before Helen accidentally kills her with an ashtray.

Smith confronts Thelma Harris, knowing that she and her husband have an “arrangement” where they provide each other cover for their sexual orientations.

Homosexuality is not illegal for women, but it is for men and if they were found out Thelma’s husband would lose everything. Smith intuits that Hoover knows this about Thelma and has been using it against her to control what she writes in her column. Smith offers to help her, sort of sinisterly, and only asks that she keep him informed.

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Childan and Ed continue their business travels in New Mexico and elsewhere. Mark Sampson is smuggling cool posters for the resistance and has maybe lost his kids but is keeping it quiet.

Joe reports to work in San Francisco and immediately starts investigating Oberfuhrer Oliver Diels. Both Ed and Tagomi maybe meet someone new and special.

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