20 best Hulu original series ranked, from worst to first

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The Path / Image by Hulu

11. The Path

The Path premiered as a Hulu original series in 2016 and featured the next drama series for former Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul.

Joining Paul in the cast is Michelle Monaghan and Hugh Dancy, with the story focusing on a fictional religion called Meyerism. The show has been a success for Hulu with 36 episodes over three seasons and a fourth season on the way.

Paul plays Eddie Lane, a man who lives in New York with his wife Sarah (Monaghan) and their two children. They are all members of the Meyerist Movement — which is a fictional religion that takes aspects from New Age mysticism and Scientology and is named after its founder, Dr. Stephen Meyer.

When Eddie was sent to Peru for a “spiritual awakening” that would help him move up the ranks of the Church, he returns with doubts causing him to question his faith in Meyerism. Meanwhile, a friend of Sarah named Cal (Dancy) is trying to expand the religion’s influence.

What the first three seasons of the show reveal ios life inside a religious cult that demands complete obedience, and how that can destroy people’s sanity and their families.

The lead performances are all great, and this is a slow burn series so be prepared for that if planning to binge. However, the story is great and the show is worth the watch.