20 best Hulu original series ranked, from worst to first

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The Wrong Mans / Image by Hulu

9. The Wrong Mans

The world has fallen in love with James Corden, but how many people know that America met the charming funnyman thanks to the UK TV series that became a Hulu original in American called the Wrong Mans?

Corden teamed up with Matthew Baynton for this series as Phil and Sam, two hapless guys who end up answering a ringing phone they find at a car crash. That one wrong move thrust them into a world of crime that neither man was capable of dealing with.

The entire humor from this series is an “in over their heads” type of comedy that gives both men a chance to really showcase their comedic talents and chemistry.

The first season consisted of six episodes, seeing the two men on the run from people who want them dead and law enforcement officials. There was a second season as well that consisted of two episodes, with Hulu breaking it up into four parts for its release.

While there were only eight total episodes, The Wrong Mans told an entire story from start to finish, which is more than most TV series get a chance to do in today’s media world.

The Wrong Mans was funny, charming and was a nice mix of thriller and comedy for a quick and fun binge-watching experience.