20 best Hulu original series ranked, from worst to first

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11.22.63 / Image by Hulu

5. 11.22.63

The second Stephen King adaptation on this list is 11.22.63. It is also the second miniseries that was never intended for more than just the one season.

11.22.63 tells the story of a school teacher who is convinced to travel back in time to try to stop the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

James Franco takes the lead role in the series as Jake Epping, who walks through a door and finds himself back in 1960 when an old friend (Chris Cooper) convinces him that time travel is real.

Cooper explains that he has been traveling back in time to try to stop the assassination of Kennedy to try to make the world a better place. He has gone back a few times, but every time he returns and then goes back again, it undoes everything that he accomplished before.

However, he knows that they have the ability to change history now and he needs Jake to do it because he can’t go back again. The Hulu original series then sends Jake back to 1960 where he starts to lay down the plans to stop the assassination that took place on 11.22.63.

The entire theme is that going back to change tragic events might not always have the results that most people might expect.

11.22.63 won the Saturn Award for Best Television Presentation. It ran for eight episodes.