20 best Hulu original series ranked, from worst to first

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Deadbeat / Image by Hulu

16. Deadbeat

Deadbeat is an interesting Hulu original series — a supernatural comedy. There have been great television shows in this genre, with Reaper as a highlight. When it comes to Deadbeat, it is an acquired taste but is great for those with a more off-color sense of humor.

Tyler Labine was one of the key actors in Reaper, so he knows what his role in this series is. He plays Pac, a slacker and a medium who hires himself out to anyone who has “issues.” His goal is to help ghosts move on to the afterlife.

The fact that he does this with the assistance of his best friend Roofie (Brandon T. Jackson), who also happens to be his drug dealer, should tell you everything you need to know about this Hulu original series.

While there are a lot of critics who don’t like the series, that is likely because the humor often edges to dark and risque areas with glee. Despite those critics, the show had enough fans to come back for three total seasons, airing from 2014-2016.

The first season had Pac competing with a fake medium that was scamming people. The second season had the fake medium take a job as a TV host who blackmailed Pac into working as her bodyguard.

The third season moved on from that with new stories including a new character named Clyde, played by Harold & Kumar actor Kal Penn.