20 best Hulu original series ranked, from worst to first

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I Love You, America / Image by Hulu

14. I Love You, America

Released in 2017, I Love You, America was a political talk show starring Sarah Silverman. The series premiered in 2017 as a Hulu original series and came back in September with the second season of 11 episodes.

The idea behind this show is that Silverman wanted to bring people on to talk about various topics — whether they agreed with her opinions personally or not. Her goal was to show interest in others and not take anything on the show too seriously.

Just like all other talk shows, this has the opening monologue, interviews and taped segments. However, Silverman didn’t use the format to attack anyone like her contemporaries, talking instead about herself and using current topics to talk about how they affect her life.

The first season saw Silverman talk to names like Al Franken, Patton Oswalt and Rosane Gray. As the series is a weekly series, unlike the Netflix format of dropping everything at once, there has only been four episodes to date for season 2, with the most impressive guest being Bernie Sanders.

Silverman has received an overwhelmingly positive response for her talk show from critics, with her being both earnest and sarcastic, but never stooping down to the name-calling of other talk show hosts. It might be the most sincere thing that Sarah Silverman has ever done.