Elite season 1, episode 2 recap: Todos llevamos máscaras


On the second episode of Elite, a school project brings Samuel and Marina as well as Nadia and Guzmán closer together. Ander and Omar question what they want from one another.

Elite‘s second episode slows down the action a bit to focus on character dynamics as the students of Las Encinas, new and old, get to know each better through a partner project about social media, designed to explore how much of our true selves we really show online.

Meanwhile, in the present, the police continue their investigation into Marina’s (María Pedraza) murder but a surprising result from the autopsy could change everything.

Samuel & Marina

Elite‘s heartwarming relationship, Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) and Marina, continues to grow stronger as the two start spending more time together to work on the project. (The students have to make a social media profile, not for themselves but rather for their partner).

Samuel and Marina’s bond is soon tested, though, when Nano (Jaime Lorente) gets into a bind. He owes dangerous guys a lot of money, but he doesn’t have any.

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Marina had earlier revealed to Samuel in confidence that her father, Ventura (Rámon Esquinas), has a safe of incriminating evidence about his shady business dealings. Samuel captured what she said on his camcorder, having not turned it off after filming something else for their project.

Nano sees the footage and convinces Samuel to steal the documents, so he can blackmail Ventura and get the money he needs. Ultimately, though, Samuel can’t bring himself to do it because he likes Marina. An enraged Nano tells Samuel that Marina will never like him back.

Nadia, Guzmán & Lucrecia

Determined to see her boyfriend succeed in seducing Nadia (“Miss Palestine” as she cruely calls her), Lucrecia (Danna Paola) tells Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau) to choose Nadia as his partner for the project. Out of options since Samuel already picked Marina, Nadia (Mina El Hammani) reluctantly agrees.

Guzmán wants to work on it at Nadia’s house, but she insists they do it during school hours. She knows her parents won’t approve of Guzmán coming over.

Guzmán, ever the pompous jerk, shows up anyway. Nadia’s father, Yusef (Abdelatif Hwidar), tells him to leave, but Guzmán insists he has a right to stay since his father is paying for Nadia’s education. That doesn’t over well, and Nadia eventually gets Guzmán out the door.

He apologizes the next day but Nadia is in no mood to hear it. They’re done the project yet, though, so she later tracks him down to finish it. Guzmán turns on the charm, and Nadia starts to let her wall down a bit.

The next day, they go to Guzmán’s house to keep working. As they’re bantering continue, it seems that (shocker) Guzmán may be starting to fall for Nadia, after all. And viewers aren’t the only ones who notice.

Guzmán isn’t returning her calls, so Lucrecia comes over. She spots a shirtless Guzmán pretending like he’s going to drop a laughing Nadia into the pool. As Lucrecia walks away, revenge definitely seems to be on her mind.

So far, Nadia, Guzmán and Lucrecia’s storyline feels like the plot of several rather misogynistic 90s/2000s teen rom-com’s. But I’m curious to see if Elite manages to flip the script at all.

Ander & Omar

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Ander (Áron Piper) and Omar (Omar Ayuso) meet again for a drug deal but recognize that they have other unfinished business. Though both boys feel nervous and awkward, they find a remote place to hook-up. However, after a minute or so, Ander wants to stop. Omar does stop, but he wants to know what’s wrong. Ander says he feels uncomfortable and abruptly leaves.

Omar sends messages on Grindr asking if Ander is okay, and Ander eventually responds a few days later. He doesn’t want to buy drugs anymore. (His parents found his stash.) But he does want to see Omar again.

Unfortunately, Omar now has his own problems at home. Nadia gets in trouble after Yusef discovers she lied to him about going to Guzmán’s house, so Omar is worried about the consequences of keeping secrets of his own from their parents. He responds back to Ander that he’s busy, leaving Ander confused and frustrated.

Christian, Carla & Polo

These three make up quite a bizarre and disturbing love triangle. Carla (Ester Expósito) and Polo (Álvaro Rico) are together. In episode one, Polo suggests they should go play a strange prank, and Carla happily agrees.

Christian (Miguel Herrán) is not subtle about his interest in Carla, so Carla pretends to be interested in him. The two hook up at Marina’s party, and Polo watches. Carla knows Polo is in the room, but Christian doesn’t. (Yeah, it’s super uncomfortable and weird.)

By episode two, though, Polo is starting to feel insecure and wants Carla to stop. Carla carries on anyway, arranging another hook-up with Christina. Polo walks in on them, though, and reveals the ruse. Christian is thoroughly humiliated and storms off.

Carla is furious, too, with Polo for one of two reasons. Either, she’s just annoyed that Polo cut the prank short, or she was actually starting to like Christian back. She did seem to feel guilty when Christian found out. However, she’s also proved herself to be a good actress, so she could’ve been faking it.

The Murder Board

No one has been ruled out yet. Samuel being covered in blood doesn’t exactly make him look innocent. Carla, for what it’s worth, believes Guzmán is the police’s prime suspect. Guzmán is singing Marina’s praises in the interrogation room, but could it be an act?

In a flashback, Guzmán comforts Marina when she brings up the pain of being HIV-positive. (We learn later in this episode that she contracted it from an infected needle.) While hugging her and kissing her cheek, Guzmán has Marina recite a kind of mantra: “en las buenas, en las malas y en lo que está realmente j****o” (through the good times, bad times and the times that are f***ed up).

At that moment, his love for his sister becomes apparent. However, we know that Guzmán is prone to losing his temper, so he shouldn’t be ruled out as a suspect.

The episode ends with the detective revealing that Marina was pregnant at the time of her death. The detective assumes Guzmán didn’t know. However, his facial expression doesn’t change when he hears the news, so there’s definitely a chance he did.

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Even if Guzmán wasn’t aware, though, someone clearly was. The pregnancy is connected to the murder. The question is what motives would make sense: jealousy, a cover-up or something else entirely?

What do you think of Elite so far? Be sure to check back here for more recaps of the entire first season of the Netflix original series.