It’s Always Sunny season 13, episode 4 recap: ‘Time’s up for the gang’


In episode 134 of FX series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the gang attends a sexual harassment seminar, but what will become of them?

When the gang of It’s Always Sunny attends a sexual harassment seminar, there’s an immediate sense that they’re in trouble. It’s apparent that a so-called “internet warrior” put their bar, Paddy’s Pub, on a list of unsafe places for women.

Now, anyone familiar with the gang knows this is probably true. No one’s safe in Paddy’s Pub, especially from its owners.

Sure enough, when he first joins the seminar, Paddy’s Pub owner Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito) says he had sex with all his secretaries, calling a “win-win situation for everybody.”

Understandably, Mac (Rob McElhenney) and Charlie (Charlie Day) instantly blame Dennis (Glenn Howerton) for their having to be there. Then Deandra “Sweet Dee” Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson) enters the room with drinks in hand, ready to party it up.

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The hosts of the seminar, Kate (Marypat Farrell) and Alan (Humphrey Ker) try to be professional, but the gang’s just not having it. Mac keeps barking randomly about how everything’s about points, and that if they get enough points from the seminar, Paddy’s will be stricken from the unsafe bar record.

Dee is then chastised for using inappropriate language. Frank initially leaves due to the statute of limitations but returns when Dennis mentions that some states may scrap their statute of limitations policies.

Locker Room Talk and Some Big Reveals on It’s Always Sunny

Alan and Kate split the It’s Always Sunny gang up, but it doesn’t stop them from acting up. When a sexual harassment scenario is acted out, Dee criticizes their acting and Mac dismisses the harassment as “locker room talk” (borrowing Donald Trump’s famous words).

In order to better appreciate the scenario, Charlie demands to see the woman in question. Acting out their own scene, Dee approaches a bouncer Mac outside a hypothetical bar, and Mac lifts her by the crotch. While Alan says it’s sexual assault, Dee laughs it off as a “boys-will-be-boys” thing, commenting on how high he was able to lift her this time.

Meanwhile, Dennis has apparently done his research, in the classic “know your enemy” approach to conquering an issue. He knows about the landmark case of Carmita Wood, mentions the quid pro quo and hostile work environment forms of harassment, and generally seeks to control and dominate the conversation.

Meanwhile, Frank is in damage control mode on his phone. Now wearing a bathrobe because someone’s cranked the heat up, he remarks about his former secretaries that “These vultures are picking my carcass clean.”

Meanwhile, Dee is misbehaving in her own feminine way, thoughtlessly accusing men of grabbing her butt. Observing this phenomenon, Dennis quietly says, “Their powers are growing.”

Meanwhile, Frank is called out for continually staring at Kate, and a scenario involving a harassed waitress sends Charlie into a panic, as he is notorious for stalking The Waitress (Mary Elizabeth Ellis).

As the gang grapples with these issues, Charlie mentions that he dodged molestation attempts by his Uncle Jack, before mentioning that he was genuinely molested by Dee.

Dee denies it’s even possible, but Kate clarifies that, yes, a woman can sexually harass and even rape a man. Meanwhile, as Frank discusses abortion records on his phone, he accidentally exposes himself, creating quite a stir.

Dennis Takes Over

Getting sick of the presentation, Dennis eventually takes over, discussing how only “ugly people” are accused of sexual harassment. His theory? If a good looking guy compliments a dress, no one cares. However, if someone like Rickety Cricket (David Hornsby) does it, “suddenly you’re very uncomfortable.”

Turning his male gaze at Frank, Dennis says “Money can offset and reduce ugliness, but it actually increases your risk” of getting in trouble.

He emphasizes that “a construction worker can catcall women all day long and get away with it,” but “a rich guy, however, is fun to take down.” Then Dennis calls out Mac for frequently trying to kiss him, adding that Charlie is desperate and Dee is ugly as well. It’s a classic moment of It’s Always Sunny honesty blended with deceit and backbiting.

Dennis then shows a slide of himself, commenting that he’s not ugly and that he’ll avoid trouble as he keeps his body and his life “tight.” He clarifies that he rigs women’s phones to text letters of consent to him.

Another big reveal? Dennis created the unsafe bar list himself, hiring Kate and Alan to host the seminar, just to help the gang clean up its act a bit.

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Dennis says that men are monsters, but they need to be more careful so they don’t get accused. It was only a matter of time before It’s Always Sunny visited this topic again, and it did so in a pretty uproarious manner.

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