Bojack Horseman season 5, episode 4 recap: ‘BoJack the Feminist’


Bojack Horseman introduces a new character and you are sure to despise him.

Bojack Horseman is known for tackling serious issues, and this episode focuses on sexual harassment. When a movie star by the name of Vance Waggoner is pulled over by a female police officer, things take a drastic turn when he sexually assaults her and proceeds to say he “hates Jews.”

What’s the point of introducing this horrible character? When the scene switches to Flip brainstorming who to bring on to play a dangerous character, Vance is suggested by Princess Carolyn. After he agrees to take on the role, we learn that he is being awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Forgiveness Awards where the industry basically forgives him for his wrongdoings.

During the award show, a questionable picture of Bojack is snapped and goes viral stating that he wasn’t paying attention to Vance’s speech and isn’t willing to forgive him. Princess Carolyn tries to set up multiple television appearances for Bojack so he can apologize for his facial expression, but the opposite ends up happening when Bojack unknowingly takes on the role of being a feminist.

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Credit: Netflix

This leads to Vance dropping out of the show and telling the media that Philbert had anti-feminist rhetoric within it. All the while, Mr. Peanutbutter is trying to learn to be tougher but keeps ending up doing good in the most peculiar of ways.

In a conversation with Diane, Bojack realizes that Vance is not wrong about Philbert being anti-feminist and asks her to re-write the scripts. And given that Vance was no longer an option, Princess Carolyn and Flip decide to bring on Mr. Peanutbutter.

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Bojack Horseman is to the point this season and did not hold back in any way. When it came to serious issues, they tackled the heart of it and did not hesitate to expose the parts of it that usually make people feel uncomfortable.

This season may be dark but it’s the best season yet–and we are along for the ride.