Kidding: Showtime series to return for second season


Showtime’s Kidding draws in 2.3 million weekly viewers, assuring that Jim Carrey’s character Jeff Pickles will return in 2019.

That’s according to Deadline. Created by Dave Holstein, Kidding is a rather unique drama-comedy blend, tackling issues of love, loss, and business through a children’s TV show host and his semi-dysfunctional family. It’s a series that is dark without being disturbing, comedic yet not ridiculous, and potentially enlightening without brimming in a stew of its own ego.

The show is also Jim Carrey’s big return to television acting since the days of In Living Color, which is arguably what changed him from star to superstar.

In Kidding, Jim Carrey plays Jeff Piccirillo, the TV host in question, who’s struggling with the loss of a son and his failing marriage. Frank Langella plays Sebastian (or “Seb”), Jeff’s father and executive producer of Mr. Pickles’ Puppet Time. Seb fears that his son is bad for the brand, and is considering replacing Jeff as Mr. Pickles.  In many ways, this is one of the show’s biggest conflicts, as Jeff seems to cling to Mr. Pickles as his main creative outlet.

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Judy Greer is Jill Piccirillo, Jeff’s estranged wife, and a nurse. Cole Allen plays Jeff’s son Will, who seems to be straying down a darkened path by smoking pot and having a bad attitude (he also plays the deceased Phil in flashbacks). Catherine Keener plays Jeff’s sister Deirdre, a puppet maker for Mr. Pickles’ Puppet Time who also has marital issues. Juliet Morris plays Deirdre’s daughter Maddy, who seems troubled by her parents not getting along.

Kidding is produced by Dave Holstein, Jim Carrey, Michel Gondry, Jason Bateman, Jim Garavente, Raffi Adlan, and Michael Aguilar.

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