The 31 best Netflix horror series to binge this Halloween

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iZombie / Image by The CW

10. iZombie

Not all horror series need to be super scary all the time. A perfect example is the comic book adaptation on The CW of iZombie.

In a world where zombies are often overused, i Zombie gives fans a different look as Liv is a medical resident who is turned into a zombie when attacked at a boat party.

However, in the world of this horror series, a zombie can actually keep their sanity and blend in, which is what Liv does when she gets a job at a morgue — a place that she can secretly feed without hurting anyone.

The problem is that when Liv feeds on a dead body, she can see flashbacks of that person’s life and she uses this to help solve crimes involving murders.

The overall background of the show has zombies starting to pop up in Seattle — including those who either can’t or have no desire to control their hunger.

9. Being Human

Being Human was a BBC Three television series about a werewolf, vampire and ghost who became flatmates. It seems like a strange and quirky idea but developed into a fascinating horror series that lasted for five seasons.

Three years after it premiered, a United States version was made and the two ran concurrently for two seasons and the U.S. version ended up bowing out after four seasons, although that was 52 episodes compared to the 37 in the U.K.’s shorter seasons.

The show has the vampire and werewolf trying to keep their secret from the world despite others of their kind having no problem with causing problems.

The three go through changes that threaten their existence and delivers some devastating moments down the stretch. All four seasons of the North American version of Being Human are available to binge on Netflix.