The 31 best Netflix horror series to binge this Halloween

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Bates Motel / Image by A&E Network

8. Bates Motel

There was a lot working against Bates Motel when it premiered. For one thing, it was the story of Norman Bates as a child and showed how he grew up to become the mass murderer from the Psycho series.

While Hannibal proved to be successful, that was with Hannibal Lecter as an adult and it was on NBC. Would people tune in to see Norman Bates as a child, especially since it was airing on the minor-league cable network A&E?

The answer was a resounding yes, as it had great ratings out of the gate and picked up some Emmy Awards for the network. It lasted a full five seasons and showed how momma’s skeleton ended up in that rocking chair.

The good news is that all five seasons are available to binge watch this Halloween on Netflix.

7. Trollhunters

The third animated Netflix horror series on this list is easily the best. The reason is simply that the creator — Guillermo Del Toro — knows exactly how to make a gothic horror tale that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Made exclusively for Netflix, Trollhunters tells the story of a teenage boy named James who learns that he is the mythical protector of our world from monsters as the Trollhunter. He also discovers an underground world where Trolls — who are not bad, for the most part — live in peace.

The series lasted for three seasons, with a beginning, middle and end. The story isn’t over though, as 3 Below and Wizards will conclude the story of the apocalyptic war that will decide the fate of the world.

However, for those who just want to watch the three amazing seasons of Trollhunters, the entire Netflix horror series is available for your binging pleasure.