The 31 best Netflix horror series to binge this Halloween

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Slasher / Image by Netflix

30. Glitch

Made in Australia, Glitch is part of the suddenly popular genre of people returning from the dead. While it was an ABC series (Austrailia’s ABC, not the ABC in the United States) first, Netflix co-produced the second season.

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When a small town police officer is called to a local cemetery, he finds seven people have risen from the dead and have no idea who they are or what happened to them.

James and a local doctor named Elishia try to keep the entire situation covered up. Meanwhile, the seven returned people try to figure out what links them and look for someone who might be able to tell them what has happened and why they are all back.

This Netflix horror series has lasted for two seasons and 12 episodes and season 2 ended with someone out to hunt down the risen. The good news is that a third season was greenlit this year and started filming in September for a likely 2019 release.

29. Slasher

Slasher is a horror anthology series created in Canada and originally aired on the Super Channel. It was also the only original series produced for Chiller before it shut down in 2017.

Thanks to Netflix, it got a new home.

The first season was subtitled The Executioner and featured the serial killer terrorizing a town in Canada. Then, Netflix gained the rights and they produced the second season as a Netflix original titled Slasher Guilty Party.

This season was about summer camp counselors who return to an old campground to bury the sins from their past before an unknown killer starts to off them one-by-one.

With two seasons and 15 episodes, a third season has been ordered by Netflix.