The 31 best Netflix horror series to binge this Halloween

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Z Nation / Image by SyFy

28. Scream

Wes Craven changed the entire slasher movie franchise with his film Scream. After a series of films arrived with varying levels of success, MTV greenlit their own spin on the horror series.

Scream premiered on MTV in 2015 and kept much of the storyline in place. Murders start to take place in a small town with one local teenage girl (Emma in the TV show) as the link to the murders and the dark past of the town.

Interestingly, despite MTV producing the series, it is Netflix that has exclusive international distribution rights and that makes it technically a Netflix original series.

So far there have been two seasons, and while a third season was supposed to air in 2018, MTV announced that they were rebooting the series with a new cast and a new town. It was also announced that Ghostface from the movies would show up in season 3.

27. Z Nation

While The Walking Dead takes itself almost too seriously at times, the SyFy series, Z Nation knows that the zombie apocalypse can be a lot of fun — at least for the viewers.

Premiering in 2014, Z Nation starts off three years after the zombie apocalypse happened and most humans are now dead and reanimated. Murphy was an inmate who was used as a test subject for immunity to a zombie bite — and was the only test subject that proved immune.

Problem is that he mutated and can now somewhat control other zombies, while he still maintains complete control. This is the story of him and other survivors who are trying to survive.

The show, which is both campy and disgusting at the same time, has aired for four seasons that can be viewed on Netflix, while a fifth season is currently airing on SyFy.