The 31 best Netflix horror series to binge this Halloween

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Van Helsing / Image by SyFy

22. Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp is a SyFy original series that mixes the western genre with the supernatural. In the series, Wynonna Earp is a descendant of Wyatt Earp and it is her job to battle and kill reincarnated outlaws her great0great-grandfather killed.

She lives in the town of Purgatory, a cursed territory, and she has the power to return any revenants to Hell using Wyatt Earp’s Peacemaker revolver. She then teams with a secret government agency as well as the ageless Doc Holliday to head into battle.

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The horror series has just finished its third season on SyFy but the first two seasons are available to watch on Netflix. The third season just finished, so there will likely be a wait before it finally arrives on the streaming service.

The fourth season of 12 episodes will premiere on SyFy in 2019.

21. Van Helsing

Much like Wynonna Earp, the SyFy television series Van Helsing also showcased the descendant of a legendary figure. In this case, it is a descendant of the legendary Abraham Van Helsing, something she was unaware of for years.

Van Helsing is an adaptation of a comic book series.

Premiering in 2016, the show has Van Helsing living in Seattle with her daughter shortly after a vampire apocalypse occurs. Van Helsing ends up in a coma but when she wakes up, she learns that she has regenerated all her blood cells.

The vampires have taken over and she becomes part of a resistance against the monsters. She also seems to have the power to revert the turned back into humans and sets out to find her missing daughter.

The first two seasons are available to watch on Netflix while a third just premiered this month on SyFy.