Orange Is The New Black will end with season 7 on Netflix


Say it ain’t so! Orange Is The New Black will end with its upcoming seventh season.

Orange Is The New Black will be closing its doors once and for all when the series returns for its seventh and final season next year.

Stars of the critically-acclaimed series took to Twitter for the official announcement as well sat in our respective corners weeping over this news.

According to Deadline, the series creator Jenji Kohan says it is now time to be released from prison and that she will miss all the badass ladies of Litchfield.

So will we, Jenji, so will we. After six seasons of epic drama, controversial situations, and everything in between, the series will end the story we have all come to love so much.

The Vice President of Original Content, Cindy Holland, says back in season 1 they knew they had something special on their hands with Orange Is The New Black and ever since that moment, everything has been a whirlwind adventure.

After the season six finale, things were simultaneously hopeful and downright depressing. As season 7 brings the entire story to a close, we are curious to know how it will all end.

While Piper is out of prison and looking to the future ahead of her, the same can’t be said about Taystee and Blanca who are facing extremely dire circumstances.

But given the complicated ending of season 6, I believe this is the right time to end the series. In fact, all great shows know when their time has come, and just given the way each story has progressed, it makes sense to end it on this note.

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There is only so much story to tell and only so many things from the past that can progress character development in the present. I feel we’ve learned all we can about each character, and it’s time to move on. Orange Is The New Black will always hold a special place in our hearts, and fans will never forget the impact it made on them.

Stay tuned for more updates on the final season of Orange Is The New Black!