Elite season 1, episode 5 recap: En el que todos lo descubren


When Marina’s diagnosis is inadvertently revealed at school, many people use the fallout to their advantage, including Marina herself.

If you weren’t Martín’s (Jorge Suquet) biggest fan before, you definitely won’t like him after Elite‘s fifth episode. He’s one of those teachers who tries to humiliate students he catches texting by having another student read their last text aloud.

However, it backfires when he nabs Samuel’s (Itzan Escamilla) phone and forces Nadia (Mina El Hammani) to read: “Marina doesn’t have AIDs… It’s HIV.”

Martín doesn’t even apologize, saying it was his “right” to enforce the school’s no phones policy that way. Then, he has the nerve to call Marina (María Pedraza) brave after she confirms that she has HIV as if he’s not the person who outed her in the first place.

Here’s a look at what went down in the aftermath of the reveal on Elite.

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Marina, Carla & Nano

Nano (Jaime Lorente) is still in a bind since he owes a lot of money to dangerous people, and Marina wants to help. Samuel insists that Nano doesn’t deserve her help, but Marina disagrees. Keeping Samuel in the dark, she turns to an unwitting Carla for help.

Carla’s dad Antonio (Alfredo Villa) has an extensive watch collection, so Marina invites herself over in the guise of needing a friend to talk to after what happened. Marina manages to steal a pair of house keys and memorize the alarm code. She later meets up with Nano and tells him to break in the next day when no one will be home.

Naturally, someone does come home. It’s Antonio, but Nano manages to hide while Antonio gets ready to take a shower. Nano is ultimately able to get out, but he idiotically takes the watch Antonio had been wearing from the bathroom counter. Thus, Antonio realizes immediately after getting out of the shower that he’s been robbed.

Regarding Elite‘s Samuel-Marina-Nano love triangle, it’s now more complicated than ever. Marina had earlier suggested that she and Samuel consummate their relationship, and the incident at school doesn’t change her mind. However, as they take that next step, Marina realizes she still has feelings for Nano.

Samuel grows frustrated when Marina starts avoiding him and refuses to say why, which makes Marina feel even worse. She goes outside to smoke weed, but it’s strong and she later collapses in the school locker room.

Nadia finds her and gets Martín for help. He insists on taking Marina to the hospital and telling the school administration. However, Marina tells him she’ll snitch about his adoption deal with Lucrecia (Danna Paola) if he does. Lu promised to get him a baby using her father’s connections in Mexico if he bumped up her grades.

Guzmán, Nadia & Lucrecia

After the texting incident, Nadia refuses to voice her support for Marina. When Guzmán later confronts her, Nadia says she feels uncomfortable because her family doesn’t have “those kinds of problems.” Nadia later apologizes in a voicemail.

Meanwhile, Lu is angling to win Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau) back by taking advantage of his distress and shows up at his house. Guzmán says he wants to be alone, but Lu refuses to give up. After getting Nadia’s message, Guzmán tries once more to get Lu out.

However, Lu eventually wears him down, and they fall back into old habits. (Talk about an exploitative ex.) The next day at school, Nadia tries to talk to Guzmán, but they are interrupted by Lu who reveals that she and Guzmán slept together.

Ander & Omar

In retaliation for Nadia not supporting Marina, Guzmán tells Nadia that Omar (Omar Ayuso) deals drugs and is gay. Nadia confronts Omar and tells him he should stop being gay for their parents’ sake, or at least “set it aside for a couple of years.” (Nadia doesn’t reveal who told her.)

Omar stands up for himself to Nadia, saying he has “the right to live his own life,” but her words stick with him. He later tells Ander (Áron Piper) they can’t see each other anymore after he finds out Guzmán and Polo (Álvaro Rico) know about them. Omar reveals that he’s worried about his parents finding out, too.

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I’m hoping Omar and Ander having a happy ending in their future, but we’ll have to wait and see. What do you think of Elite? Check back here for recaps of the final three episodes of season one.