Making A Murderer part 2 premiere recap: Number 18


Making A Murderer is back with part 2 as the case against Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey is dissected in post-conviction.

Making A Murderer took the world by storm in 2015 when we were first introduced to the complicated murder case of Teresa Halbach and the infamous video confession of Brendan Dassey via Netflix. And if you thought that there was a lot to unpack when the documentary first premiere, you’ll come to learn that part 2 will top that.

In the part 2 premiere, we meet Kathleen Zellner, a post-conviction lawyer that has won 17 wrongful conviction cases and is known for tackling some of the most difficult, impossible ones. Since the first part of this documentary premiered, many attempts were made by Avery and Sandy Greenman (his now ex-girlfriend) to reach Zellner requesting that she take on Avery’s case.

After Making A Murderer premiered on Netflix in 2015, the following year Zellner reached out saying she believes she can take on Steven’s case. A lot of the part 2 premiere focuses on pointing out the inconsistencies on then-prosecutor Ken Kratz.

Kratz has had quite the journey since we first learned of how he handled Avery’s case and in the post-Making A Murderer era, he has received a lot of criticism, and even death threats. In the part 2 premiere, Kratz mentions that one rape threat was aimed at his daughter.

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Kratz has been working hard to clear any negative connotations attached to his name and has even written a book against Steven Avery. On the flip side, Avery’s trial lawyers went on a speaking tour around the country discussing the case and though they are no longer working on the case, they are hopeful in the part 2 premiere that Zellner will work some magic to exonerate Avery.

In the part 2 premiere of Making A Murderer, it becomes evident immediately that Zellner will be the primary leader behind what we see unfold in this second installment, and she is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

According to Zellner, the first step is to discredit everything Kratz presented during the 2006 trial and take each piece of evidence brought forward by him and disprove it. And we have to say, that in the part 2 premiere alone, she does a stellar job.

She starts off with looking into the DNA blood evidence that was supposedly from a cut on Avery’s finger. During the trial, it was presented that blood from his finger fell near the driver’s side of the car. A blood spatter analyst by the name of Stuart James was brought in by Zellner to take a closer look at how the prosecution got it wrong.

He was in agreement with her that the blood streaks found in the car do not align with how Avery’s finger was cut. If that was truly the case, there would be a higher volume of blood splatter versus just a few streaks as was found in the car.

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The other piece of evidence that Zellner debunked was the pattern of blood found on the back of Halbach’s RAV4. Through the use of a mannequin and another experiment, Zellner and her team found that there was no blood splatter–at all.

As Refinery29 pointed out, during the trial Kratz said that Avery’s sweat was under the hood latch of the car and considering you can’t exactly plant sweat–how will Zellner disprove that?