Making A Murderer part 2, episode 4 recap: Welcome to Wisconsin


Making A Murderer shifts our focus to a potential new suspect–Avery’s neighbor.

Making A Murderer thrives off the mystery and allure of the Halbach case, and because all this additional investigation is taking place, there naturally needs to be someone responsible for what happened. Avery’s post-conviction lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, spent a lot of time in the previous episode investigating all angles of the fire that allegedly was made to burn Teresa’s body.

But in doing so, she started looking to the quarry that connects with the Avery salvage yard, and the owner, Josh Radandt. But suspecting him becomes a lost cause because it doesn’t really lead Zellner anywhere. In fact, he takes Zellner around the surrounding land to revisit the location of the fire and Steven’s trailer.

This episode tries to bring some joy into the docuseries with Dolores’ birthday and the fact that Avery has a new girlfriend he hopes to marry someday. And momentarily, there is some good news regarding Brendan. Judge Duffin overturned his conviction with a 91-page explanation discussing why the conviction was unjustified and even takes a jab at Brendan’s trial attorney, Len Kachinsky.

We get a glimpse of Ken Kratz in this episode (ugh) through an interview he did following Brendan’s conviction being overturned. Naturally, he doesn’t agree and feels like letting Brendan would be a grave mistake.

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Zellner is operating at full force in this episode as she files a motion for new scientific testing. Homegirl is not messing around and seems determined to get Avery out of jail–hell or high water.

In preparation for going to the court to submit her paperwork, the press starts gathering in anticipation.

This is a huge step for the case, and everyone wants to be there to witness it. She makes her way as cameras and people are moved out of the way, and then even remembers to bring extra copies to pass around.

All the while everyone around her is making sure to capture this moment on their phones, cameras, and other devices they have present.

Even though it has only been three years since the first part premiered, there still feels like such a huge difference in technology and broadcasting and it’s very clear at this moment.

And then there’s Brendan. Hope was dangled in front of his eyes as he made plans to return home with his mother and stepfather, and even began gathering his belongings in the prison. But then Brad Schimel, the attorney general of Wisconsin, got in the way of Brendan’s release.

He files a motion to appeal Judge Duffin’s decision–and he is successful.

Things aren’t going too well for Steven in this episode of Making A Murderer either who is dumped by his girlfriend/fiance on live television during an appearance on Dr. Phil. It breaks Steve’s heart because he claims to have a felt strong connection to Lynn and thought she truly cared for him. But given the fame he has achieved because of the case, it comes as no surprise that someone wanted to take advantage of that.

She goes from zero to 60 really quick when she not only breaks up with him but goes on national television to say she now fears for her safety after breaking up with him. We bet Steven is missing Sandy a great deal right about now.

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Zellner’s time with Radandt may or may not have lessened her suspicions about him but his cooperation did go a far way. During her questioning, Radandt did confess that the cops seemed to want him to describe the fire as bigger than it really was.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Teresa’s pelvic bones were not found on Radandt’s property, but rather Manitowoc County’s quarry. Everything about this case keeps getting more and more complicated, and the light at the end of the tunnel continues to diminish.