Bojack Horseman season 5, episode 10 recap: Head In The Clouds


Bojack Horseman takes us to the huge Hollywoo premiere of Philbert–but not without oodles of drama.

Bojack Horseman reaches the height of the drama the entire season has been building to. Bojack facing his inner demons and the uncanny similarities between him and his character, Mr. Peanutbutter and Diane’s back and forth drama, and everything in between.

The reviews are in and Philbert is being praised in high regard, and it connects to the series itself in such an impactful, unexpected way. After being approached by Bojack to write for the series, Diane agreed so as long as women are not objectified and the material isn’t misogynistic. But a fight between the two erupts in this episode that brings to the surface some of the suppressed emotions they have been feeling.

Bojack knows he’s done horrible things, but yet conveys that it’s okay that he’s done them. Meanwhile, Diane brings up Sarah-Lynn and Penny to retaliate back and throws that right back into Bojack’s face.

But the biggest moment comes when Bojack finally tells Diane what happened in New Mexico, a secret she has been eager to learn more about. It’s in this moment you realize that both of them have had their own struggles with depression, and constant pitting against one another has brought out the depths of their individual shortcomings.

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As much as Bojack tries to talk about New Mexico, the worse it gets, and the more you cringe in the process. It’s not until Bojack says nothing happened and Diane responds with “yet?” that the scene really takes an emotional turn.

Instantaneously, Bojack realizes that maybe he would have done something if Charlotte hadn’t walked in and the guilt and admission of this moments weigh heavy on him as he grabs Diane’s arm as she tries to walk away.

Forgetting the promise he made to Hollyhock, Bojack takes a bottle of pills and smooches Gina in front of the entire press, unaware and incoherent.

It’s a truly jarring and emotional scene that Bojack Horseman knows how to do in a near-perfect manner.

The premiere of the pilot goes surprisingly well with little to no complications and the episode continues to explore the other characters, aka Henry Fondle, the sex robot. After bringing the robot into work, Todd comes to realize that everyone is interacting with the robot as if it was a real person.

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Somehow Henry Fondle, through a series of pre-recorded inappropriate phrases, snatches the role as the head of What Time Is It Right Now. It seems so wacky yet not a far-fetched idea given the state of the world right now.

Bojack is a mess by the end of the episode and headed down a more dangerous path than we’ve ever seen him take before.