Bojack Horseman season 5, episode 9 recap: Ancient History


Bojack Horseman reunites Bojack and Hollyhock as she finishes her first year in college–but it doesn’t go as seamlessly as they would have hoped.

Bojack Horseman is all about the feels, and the fifth season is a testament to that. In this episode, Hollyhock visits Bojack in Los Angeles in between going from Connecticut to Kansas. Yes, it doesn’t make sense but it will in just a bit.

It appears that Hollyhock and Bojack are getting along wonderfully, but there’s still the matter of PTSD for her considering the last time she was in Bojack’s home she was drugged and carried away in an ambulance. It doesn’t help that Bojack himself is taking pills, and once she catches sight of them, she immediately gets rid of them.

Bojack naturally goes to get another refill because he is in need of them, and when he fails to get a prescription from Dr. Hu, he convinces Hollyhock to break into Gina’s house to find pills. It makes for quite the complicated and emotional episode between this pseudo father-daughter relationship and feels heartbreaking to see the very obvious disconnect there is in it.

Meanwhile, Princess Carolyn and Ralph have a little reunion of their own in this episode of Bojack Horseman and it’s a saddening reminder just how good he was to her, and how much he improved her life. But old wounds open up again after Princess Carolyn gets a phone call about a single mother in labor, and Ralph offers to drive her over.

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Of course, this is a sensitive topic for Ralph, who suggested they should adopt when they were together. Sigh, if only she understood how great he truly is.

Having said that, it’s still difficult to just bring two individuals together after so much has happened, and it would be unfair to say Princess Carolyn hasn’t grown from their experience together.

Unfortunately, amidst all the arguing and fighting, Princess Carolyn ends up losing this baby as well.

And then we have Todd. Oh, dear, corky Todd. His creation of a sex robot named Henry Fondle provides some hilarious moments in this episode of Bojack Horseman.

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This robot is designed to shout out suggestive and sexual comments that somehow apply to normal conversation.

As the episode comes to a close, everyone seems alone and flustered by their circumstances, and if the episode wasn’t emotional enough already, the tearful goodbye between Bojack and Hollyhock threw us in for a loop. He promises her that he will no longer take pills unless necessary, but ends up ramming his car into oncoming traffic.