Disenchantment season 1, episode 8 recap: The Limits of Immortality


Episode 8 of Netflix series Disenchantment sees poor Elfo kidnapped so some miscreant can locate the Eternity Pendant!

This Disenchantment episode begins with King Zøg (John DiMaggio) missing his original wife, Queen Dagmar, suggesting that kings have feelings, too. Shortly thereafter, the king’s wizard Sorcerio (Billy West) accidentally invents a truth serum, after similarly inventing a laughing horse. As is well known, Zøg wants something called the Elixir of Life. Sorcerio goes to Dreamland’s Prime Minister Odval (Maurice LaMarche) for help. They discover a book called The Omnicon in the old witch’s destroyed candy house (a location seen previously in episode 5, “Faster, Princess! Kill! Kill!”).

Meanwhile, Elfo (Nat Faxon) tells Zøg’s daughter, Princess Bean (Abbi Jacobson), that they’re in a “limbo state,” relationship-wise — suggesting he still likes her. Luci (Eric Andre) follows them around, as usual, commenting that entertainment’s a tool to pacify the masses that leads to the destruction of civilization.  Unfortunately, Elfo gets kidnapped (or elf-napped), and Bean and Luci are in a hot pursuit to track him down! Thus begins a complicated quest down many proverbial winding roads.

The Eternity Pendant

What is the Eternity Pendant? It’s the only receptacle capable of creating and holding the Elixir of Life.  Somehow Elfo is necessary to retrieve it. Pendergast (Eric Andre), one of King Zøg’s knights, leads the quest for the Pendant. Gwen the Witch (Tress MacNeille) tells them of her ex-husband Malfus, who was obsessed with the Elixir of Life.

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Sorcerio meets Malfus (Rich Fulcher), who has eternal life but insists that it’s a curse. He tells his visitors he threw the vial over the edge of the world. For being so cooperative, Malfus is gifted the previously mentioned laughing horse. (Though it brings him merriment, one wonders how he’ll cope with it in the long term. It will likely be a reprise gag for Disenchantment.)

The world’s edge

While looking for the vial, Luci, Bean, and Sorcerio fall over the edge of the world. Fortunately for them, they are rescued by a talking Griffin (David Herman). It turns out the Griffin acquired the vial but traded it to a king with a crown of snakes from the lost city of Cremorrah. Unfortunately, the villainous Big Jo (Maurice LaMarche) overhears the info, foolishly reveals himself to the heroes, and sets off to find the city.

Knowing something’s up, Bean and Luci ride the Griffin, who drops them onto the hay bale on Big Jo’s carriage. That’s when Big Jo utilizes some sleeping powder, which indeed puts the two to sleep. They wake up in the hold of a cargo ship where they are reunited with Elfo — Disenchantment has its intrepid trio once again!

The lost city of Cremorrah

As it turns out, the lost city of Cremorrah is located beneath a desert landscape (it is lost after all!). We also learn why Big Jo wanted Elfo so bad — Elfo acts as a beacon for locating vial. Yes, he inadvertently finds the lost city, beeping like a magical homing device.

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We learn of the legend of Cremorrah, a land of snakes, at odds with Maru, a land of mice. As it was in constant danger, Maru made a magic potion to turn Cremorrah’s citizens into stone. When their king returned to find everyone frozen, he set set out to find the Eternity Pendant. However, the king was also turned to stone, but he has the vial.

Another fact comes to light: Cloyd (Rich Fulcher) is the emperor of Maru and a defender of the Pendant. They find the desired object, but not withoyt difficulty from Big Jo. In order to defeat Big Jo, they fill up the underground city with sand. Bean, Luci, Elfo and Sorcerio are then rescued by the Griffin!

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