Bojack Horseman will be back for another season on Netflix!


The story of Bojack Horseman is not over yet, folks!

Bojack Horseman has been renewed for a sixth season by Netflix, and we are absolutely ecstatic! Season 5 was an emotional, heartbreaking journey for the central character, and it explored topics such as addiction, #MeToo, and abandonment. So it comes as no surprise that Netflix made the decision to continue Bojack’s story because after that season 5 finale there is a lot yet to explore.

For those of you have been living under a rock for its first five seasons, Bojack Horseman is an animated series in a world where humans and animals live together and the story follows a depressed horse that was a part of a failed 90’s sitcom.

His journey over the last few seasons has been a tumultuous one and the season 5 finale left off with Bojack Horseman heading off to rehab. Now that the series is officially renewed, it will be interesting to see where season 6 will take our conflicted, complicated character.

The fifth season of Bojack Horseman has been one of the most talked about given the amount of controversial and emotional material it covered. Not only that, the amount of wit and clever nuances the series presents is unlike any other show, especially for an animated series. Anyone that saw the funeral episode of season 5 can attest to the fact that this show is pure genius!

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Returning as executive producers are Will Arnett and Aaron Paul who voice the characters of Bojack and his aloof friend, Todd. Here’s to hoping the rest of the gang returns for the next season as well, including Amy Sedaris’ Princess Carolyn, hopefully as a mother!

So now, the countdown to season 6 begins–and it can’t come soon enough!