It’s Always Sunny season 13, episode 6 recap: The Gang Solves the Bathroom Problem


Episode 136 of FX series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia addresses the issue of gender and bathroom usage.  Can the gang agree?

Although this It’s Always Sunny episode addresses gender in the bathroom, it begins with a quite unrelated matter: The fact that Jimmy Buffett didn’t write the Rupert Holmes song, “Escape (The Piña Colada Song).”

You see, the gang is readying for a Jimmy Buffett concert extravaganza, with Dennis (Glenn Howerton) even planning to have some cheeseburgers in paradise. However, they get sidetracked by a debate over the song’s author.

Then, Mac (Rob McElhenney) gets questioned about his using the women’s bathroom. He maintains that the men’s and women’s bathroom thing is antiquated.

Mac says he’s a cross dresser so he can use a female bathroom. Meanwhile, Charlie (Charlie Day) says he’s not trans but identifies as a woman when he “poops” (he wears women’s shoes). Dee (Kaitlin Olson) is easygoing, stating all you need is a sign saying “There’s a toilet in there.”

In contrast, Frank (Danny DeVito) says he’s not neutral about his sex (most likely also meaning his gender). He says he doesn’t want to share the bathroom with “a bunch of broads.”  It doesn’t help that Frank always brings a gun to the bathroom!

Can the gang reach a conclusion?

Unlike many It’s Always Sunny episodes, the gang seems to genuinely want a solution, and try their best to use a rational and calm approach. Dennis says he doesn’t want them to go off topic, and they pretty much don’t this time (which is quite rare).

They first consider labeling them according to whether one must go #1 or #2. It’s also concluded that, when it comes down to it, bodily functions are sort of a great equalizer. Frank notes how even dogs looked ashamed as they poop.

In fact, public bathrooms are so embarrassing, they decide to try out scream sounds to distract from the bathroom sounds!

Identity politics

At one point, Mac hypothesizes that women, non-whites and gays deserve their own bathroom. Dennis, however. thinks that’s going a little too far.

He says not everyone can be uniquely accommodated. He cites the example of people who want pineapples on cheeseburgers. Sure, you can often find them on pizza, but most places tend not to make them available on burgers.

Frank agrees but hates when Dennis is on his side. They break things down by percentages but ultimately reach some very basic conclusions.

Mac says we’re all the same in the bathroom. Dennis agrees that we become disgusting, vulnerable and ashamed. Frank outright says we become “filthy animals.”

Repeating the great equalizer point, Mac says “It’s the one common thing amongst a king and a pauper.” Charlie sees the futility in trying to make everyone feel comfortable in there. It’s just awkward, no matter how you slice it.

Dee reaches a unique moment for It’s Always Sunny, as she says: “If we’re all the same in there, then why don’t we just focus on treating other people the way that we want to be treated?”

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Of course, everyone tells her to shut up, with Dennis clarifying, “That was, like, so pretentious!” Ultimately they decide that, rather than identifying bathrooms by gender, they’ll put a sign on each door saying “animal sh**house.”

It’s as fair and noble a solution as any, don’t you think?

That’s it for this It’s Always Sunny recap! What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!