Sklar Brothers creating animated series based on podcast


The Sklar brothers have been tabbed to help lead YouTube into the adult animation game with Dumb People Town.

Created by Randy and Jason Sklar, the Dumb People Town podcast centers around a family in Florida struggling with the dichotomy of ignorance and bliss.

Deadline reports that the new YouTube animated series is based on the podcast featuring the Sklar Brothers and Will Arnett. The Dumb People Town podcast explores whether it is better to be happy and dumb or smart and unhappy.

Dumb People Town is marked to run a half hour for each episode. The project with the Sklar brothers, Arnett and Daniel Van Kirk is just another brick in YouTube’s mounting wall of streaming and television programming.

Many popular podcasts have had stories animated and uploaded to YouTube. Joe Rogan, Joey Diaz and Bert Kreischer have all had stories lifted from podcast episodes by fans with animation skills.

The medium has been well received, and this collaboration with YouTube will help the Sklar brothers keep their hands on creative wheel navigating this new venture.

YouTube previously tried their hand at adult animation with Dallas & Robo in May.

Dumb People Town was written and executive produced by the Sklar brothers, Van Kirk,  Julius Sharpe, Arnett and Marc Forman, from Electric Avenue.

Peter Principato and Joel Zadak from the Artists First studio will also join the production team. Sony Pictures TV will handle distribution through YouTube.

The Sklar brothers have been busy rising through the comedy ranks. The brothers, Randy and Jason, have featured on many shows, including Always Sunny, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Better Call Saul.

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The Sklar Brothers: What Are We Talking About was picked up by Netflix.

Named a Comic To Watch by Comedy Central, Van Kirk has worked as a writer and actor for many projects including the show Bob’s Burgers, among other credits for Fox and Comedy Central.