House of Cards season 6, episode 5 recap: Chapter 70


Claire is a wreck and making women look bad, possibly ruining a woman’s chances of winning the presidency in the future. But as always, she has a plan on House of Cards.

House of Cards has always been a little extra in certain ways.

The episode begins with a snapshot of various political pundits and media talking heads literally freaking out that Claire Underwood hasn’t come out of the residence in 23 days. Can you imagine if a President didn’t leave the White House in 23 days? Actually, I can’t, because it has never happened.

She’s having a full-on breakdown and is in hiding. Her supporters are dwindling, and people are calling for her resignation saying she is unfit for the position, THAT SHE DIDN’T EARN, remember. If this were real life, I’d probably screaming the same thing.

But, of course, she’s faking it. She has a plan. I’m convinced Claire is a robot or an alien sent down to destroy humankind.

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When VP Mark Usher tries to get her to see a doctor, she keeps up her act for him. But later, when Jane comes home from some regal function that has her in red heels and a gorgeous off-shoulder gown, Claire is her normal (what is normal?) cold self. Jane congratulates her for the whatever plans she has cooking to be working and then tells her it’s time to move out because she knows there’s a storm-a-brewing.

Doug also visits the residence, and when Claire invites him into Frank’s old bedroom, it makes Doug extremely uncomfortable. Claire comes clean and tells Doug how Frank did not die in her bed, but in his bedroom, on the floor. She also tells him that she thinks Cathy is still alive. Damn it, she’s right!

Later, Duncan pays Claire a visit behind the backs of his mother and uncle. I’m still not sure why he’s there, or the point of this scene, other than Claire casually asks him if he knows where he came from. That’s enough to knock this entitled millennial brat off his pedestal a bit.

When Duncan returns back to the Shepherds, Bill is furious and basically calls him dumber than everything in the room. Annette then finds out about the truth bomb Claire dropped on him. Enraged she vows to leak that Claire had an abortion at 16 weeks, while married to Frank.

Elsewhere, Jane has just finished getting it on with Nasser (ISO’s lawyer), when Jane is kidnapped by two women and brought to Saudi Arabia. Of course, Claire is behind this. She will let Jane go only if she reveals when her current cabinet plans to enact the 25th Amendment to remove Claire from office.

Just as the entire cabinet (of men) sign the letter, Claire fires every last one of them.

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Annette comes to the White House soon after to let Claire know she’s about to be toast, but just before she leaves, Claire opens the door to her new, ALL FEMALE cabinet, leaving her stunned.

Lastly, Claire gets ahold of a video of Cathy saying Claire deserves to be punished for her transgressions. But we don’t know who else has seen the video yet. Is this the big “Gotcha!” Cathy had up her sleeve? She’ll have to do better than that!

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