Doctor Who: There will be no Christmas special this year


Whovians, we have some bad news–there will be no Doctor Who Christmas special this year.

Doctor Who fans all over the world are in mourning over this recently announced news–no Christmas special this year. In fact, for the first time ever since they brought the series back in 2005, there will be nothing Doctor Who-related to watch on Christmas Day.

The new showrunner, Chris Chibnall, stated that the reason behind this is simply because they have no new ideas to present for this long adored special. He believes that over the last 13 years, any and every idea has been over exhausted, and there’s nothing more to pull from it.

According to The Mirror, however, this doesn’t mean that no episode will air around the holiday season. Instead, an episode will be a New Year’s Day special focused on the upcoming year. And Whovians, you may want to cherish this episode because it could be the only Doctor Who related episode of 2019. Due to the schedule being delayed for season 2, production will not begin until sometime after the new year.

Former showrunner, Steven Moffatt, may be surprised to learn that there is no Christmas special this year, especially after the loops he jumped through to make it happen last year. Since Chibnall did not want to start his work with Doctor Who with the Christmas special, Moffatt worked it out to bring then Doctor back for one final episode so as to keep the tradition going.

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For those who can’t recall, the Christmas special involved Peter Capaldi and the first Doctor motivating each other to keep going and allow for another regeneration to occur (thank goodness they did!). Well, Mr. Moffatt, we are just as sad as you may possibly be feeling, so here’s to hoping that next year the special comes back!

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Source: Comicbook