Homecoming season 1, episode 5 recap: Helping


Homecoming gets complicated as Thomas tracks down Shrier in the present while Heidi starts to take her little crush on Walter a bit more seriously.

Homecoming sort of has a love story brewing, but whether or not it will ever turn into a full-fledged one is yet to be seen. But that doesn’t stop Heidi from getting dolled up at the mall after coming across a woman offering to give her a makeover. The next scene cuts to Heidi looking all sorts of adorable with lipstick and makeup done, but she rubs it all off before walking into Homecoming.

But that’s just the start of their flirty exchanges as they start to prank one another which includes him gluing all of her supplies to her desk. Even others are starting to take notice of their behavior which certainly won’t bode well for either of them if it gets back to Colin.

Thomas continues to surprise us with every episode of Homecoming, and in this one, he manages to find Shrier. But it’s not the Shrier we remember at all, in fact, he’s more beaten-down, scruffy, depressed version of himself working as a landscape guy.

We have no idea what’s happened to Shrier since he left Homecoming but it can’t be anything good because he’s completely fallen apart, physically and mentally. He tells Thomas the trees are watching them and hands him a leaf as if it is supposed to help clear things up.

One question that immediately started bothering me was how much medication did Shrier (along with the others) take if after a handful of years, he’s still not all there. It’s a given that Homecoming is evil, horrible, and not in the business of helping the veterans as they claim to. In fact, it’s even more bothersome that Heidi took on this job in the first place.

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This episode also raises a number of questions including the purpose of the medication and why the program wants to erase memories, what happened to Shrier post-Homecoming, where is Walter at this point in time and is he in the same state as Shrier, and are all of them just as lost as Heidi is right now?

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The prank war continues when Heidi manages to trick Walter into sitting in a chair that has glue on it so he can’t get out of it. Walter returns the favor by getting the guys to help him bring a bird into Heidi’s office. Aren’t these two just adorable?

Hoping to confront Heidi in some capacity, Colin heads to Tampa and goes to the diner where she works. He’s startled to learn that Heidi has no idea who he is, and is treating him like just another person. Colin is fooled temporarily by this until he sees Thomas’ business card in a bowl at the diner and realizes that he has been there and was most likely asking questions.

To try and learn more about him, Colin calls his secretary back at Geist to have her look into Thomas further and see what she can find out so he can prepare for what he’s up against.

Anyone else not a fan of Craig? He’s so annoying and such a snitch and is dead set on making Heidi’s life miserable at Homecoming. Upon realizing that Walter and Heidi are getting closer, he calls Colin to update him just as Colin is walking into his boss’ home.

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His boss, Ron, conveys an aggressive message to Colin regarding Homecoming and that he demands that Colin take it to completion. This is enough to piss him off and call Heidi about what the heck she’s trying to do with Walter.

During their conversation, some light is shed on what purpose Homecoming truly serves–to eliminate PTSD via medicine. The fact that Heidi gave Walter the harmonica means that he is clinging onto memories that he shouldn’t which Colin is not happy about.

Threatening to kick her out if this outlandish behavior persists, Heidi is left with the decision to rescue Walter or do her job.