Disenchantment season 1, episode 9 recap: To Thine Own Elf Be True


Episode 9 of Netflix series Disenchantment has major developments for Bean, Elfo and King Zøg. Is there a cure for an arrow in the back?

This Disenchantment episode begins with a forlorn King Zøg (John DiMaggio). His wife, Oona (Tress MacNeille) even asks, “Where is the monster I married?” It’s obvious that something’s troubling him. Meanwhile, Princess Bean (Abbi Jacobson) thinks the Eternity Pendant is a get-out-of-jail-free card. However, that expectation’s foiled when Elfo’s (Nat Faxon) blood proves insufficient to activate its magic. They even test the Elixir of Life on the always dying Prince Geysbert (David Herman), and it seems to finally kill him! This causes Zøg to second guess his Wizard in Chief, Sorcerio, asking him, “How can you keep messing up a recipe with 2 ingredients?” However, the problem’s more with Elfo than Sorcerio.

They even get in touch with Old Man Touchy (David Herman), who was put in the dungeon for his habit of touching everything he can. Old Man Touchy confirms that Elfo’s not a full-blood elf. This causes people to question his identity and value. Sorcerio even notes how the name Elfo is “suspiciously on the nose” (though Elfo’s cousin Examplo is pictured next to the word “Elf” in the dictionary). Ultimately, Efo is banished as a disappointment to King Zøg (maybe to be renamed Disappointo?). Also, in a dramatic turn, Zøg locks Bean up, ’til she stops pointing things out. However, Odval (Maurice LaMarche) promptly frees her and they set out to find Elfo.

The really big moments

As one might expect, they find Elfo before long and head over to Elfwood, where Elfo expects
“cocoa, caramel, and conformity.” While there, Bean and crew meet a bunch of new elves, such as Watcho (Billy West), one of the Elf King’s (Billy West) servants who Bean accidentally knocks over. This turns out to be a key moment, as she attains Elf blood after his nose is wiped on her handkerchief.  We also meet Kissy the Elf’s (Jeny Batten) new boyfriend, Shrimpo.

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Unfortunately, it turns out Elfo and Bean were all followed by Pendergast (Eric Andre) and a group of knights attempting to get some genuine Elf blood. Though the Elves prove very resourceful and ultimately defeat the knights, poor Elfo gets an arrow in his back! In addressing her father’s invasion, Bean says, “That monster is not my dad anymore.” Obviously, this is a big moment for Disenchantment!

Later, Zøg reveals crucial information regarding Bean’s mother, Queen Dagmar (Sharon Horgan). It turns out Dagmar drank poison intended for Zøg, and it turned her into stone. This happened after a younger Bean mischievously switched their drinking glasses around. However, Bean realizes she still has the kerchief with Elf’s blood on it and chooses to resurrect her mom instead of Elfo!

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The question is, where will Disenchantment go from here? Will the lovable Elfo ever be brought to life? Well, probably, yeah. Still, it’s a big change, right?

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