Westside season 1, episode 6 recap: Critique


After an emotional end to episode 5, Westside picks up where it left off. The group is still in their fifth workshop having just listened to Keith’s emotional speech.

After some voiceover where members of the ensemble talk about the emotional toll of the process and why they signed up for it, Westside moves fully back into the workshop setting. It starts with working on the group song “Hear Me.”

When Keith asks the group who has ideas for the song, Austin has nothing and doesn’t seem to care. A quick step to the side shows Alexandra and Austin talking about how unhappy and pessimistic Austin has become since they met.

Back in the workshop, Keith plays through the music for the song while everyone takes turns singing the lyrics and/or melody they’ve prepared. While everyone else is singing, Austin is texting at his music stand.

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Keith sits to give the group notes after concluding the groups first read through of the show. Arika lets out a sigh of relief when he comes to her and says everyone loved her song. (She jokes that she might have written a song that is stronger than she is.)

As for Austin, Keith is looking for more specificity rather than lyrics that anyone in the group could sing. Leo and Caitlin jump in and express the desire to see more of Austin in his songs. Keith asks Austin to stay after to work on a game plan.

But before everyone can leave, Austin drops complaints about “Hear Me.” He says it’s the wrong way to end the show and it comes across as, essentially, self-centered. It’s not a sentiment anyone takes kindly to, especially Arika. The workshop ends on a sour note.

Austin then sits down with his uncle and again grumbles that he feels like he has to carry the team. He sees himself as the only one who wants to write “hits” that people will sing after they leave the show. He confesses that he didn’t like how people other than Keith felt like they could give him notes.

After being pressed by his uncle, Austin concedes he no longer cares if people in the ensemble like him. He sees himself as better than them in all musical respects.

On the other side of things, Arika is hanging out and jamming with Leo and Sean. They take this time to talk through Arika’s feelings about the workshops and process in a fun, understanding way.

They also talk about Austin and how he doesn’t seem interested in participating. During this, Sean says he doesn’t know that he believes all of Austin’s stories. (The episode shows flashbacks to the times Austin talked about dropping out of school and running away.) They all express the continued desire to get to know the real Austin.

Elsewhere, Caitlin and James hang out in a guitar store and talk about the struggles he’s having in his relationship. James is looking for support from Caitlin and to not have to hear her say bad things about his relationship.

During a FaceTime with her mom and sister, Alexandra tells her sister about a fight she had with her boyfriend, Indy. Alexandra is starting to doubt if she’s going to be able to make the relationship work.

This leads right into the music video, “Champaign High.” The video is about trying to succeed in Hollywood and features Alexandra, Pia and Taz.

The episode jumps right into a one on one with Austin and Keith. Keith continues to prod Austin for more information on his background to mine for something to write about, but Austin keeps talking generically. Eventually, Austin takes over Keith’s keyboard and tries to write music for the concepts he has in his head.

Cut to James in his apartment with his fiancée, Yas. They’re struggling with money after Yas has been helping to financially support James. Their relationship is on the brink of falling apart.

When Sean and Keith sit down to discuss what’s left to do (with only one workshop left before the funder performance), Sean says he’s found a space he’s excited about, but the presentation has to be great. They talk about cutting Pia’s “Avatar,” which Keith feels like isn’t true to who Pia is, and replacing it with a new song.

They also discuss members of the ensemble not using or relying on drugs or alcohol for their creativity in a professional environment. (Looking at Leo and Taz, via flashbacks.) Of course, they’re also worried about Austin’s refusal to be a collaborator. Keith says that Austin doesn’t want to write with him.

They come to the conclusion that, for the sake of the ensemble, they need to find a final answer of how to fix Austin’s attitude toward the show.

Pia and Alexandra go out one night and they commiserate about their issues connecting with their significant others through this process. In a separate phone call with Indy, he and Alexandra discuss the possibility of breaking up.

Alexandra admits to Pia that she’s afraid of losing Indy, who is the person she can go to when she’s feeling down. This might be the end for Alexandra and Indy.

James is having issues of his own now since Yas has left him. He talks through it with Sean, telling Sean how, when James dropped her off at the airport, Yas said she hated him.

The episode slowly transitions to a night out for the group as they go bowling together. (Well, except Austin, it seems.) In voiceover, Alexandra talks about finding a better version of herself after going shopping for new clothes with Taz.

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Surrounded by his friends having a good time and drinking, James is struggling to stay sober. Eventually, after saying he wants a drink, James grabs his helmet, gets on his motorcycle and drives away.

The episode ends with a music video, “Feed That Flame,” about James’ fight to stay sober and featuring James and Caitlin.

How are you feeling after this episode? Is James going to be able to stay sober? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.