Westside season 1, episode 7 recap: Support


Episode six of Westside left James fighting the need for a drink and Austin still alienating himself from the ensemble.

Westside picks up at a backyard concert hosted by James. Sean and some of the other group members are there. James walks in carrying a case of Bud Light. In voiceover, he says he used to think that rock stars had to do drugs and drink. But in this case, it looks like he brought the beer for his bandmates and not for himself.

On stage, greeting his audience, James announces he hasn’t had a drink for 20 days. He sings “Bad Motherf*cker” while Sean, Alexandra, Taz, Leo, Arika and James’ friends and family rock out. In voiceover, James talks about feeling better and having a great support system.

During a conversation after James’ performance, Taz says she wishes her dad would come to see her perform the way James’ did. Taz and Leo commiserate over their troublesome relationships with their dads.

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The scene shifts to a rehearsal three days prior to James’ party. Taz is struggling to keep from crying due to the emotions that come up in her song, “Do Better.” Keith tells her that doing the song over and over will help her control those emotions.

The episode briefly goes back to the party where Taz says that, through the process, she’s been able to open doors within herself that she’d previously closed. It then quickly transitions into the music video, “Beauty and the Struggle,” featuring Taz and Arika. The song is about having to get through the tough times to get to the good.

Out of the music video, the episode shifts to Pia and Caitlin shopping for outfits for the upcoming presentation. In voiceover, Pia talks about the fear that comes with putting herself out there to be judged again.

Elsewhere, Alexandra does a Facebook Live show for her fans, offering them Alexandra Kay apparel. She also admits that she misses Illinois and, in voiceover, that she’s feeling lonely not having anyone to share her experiences with.

Yet again, Sean and Keith sit down to talk about Austin. Austin arrives to talk with them shortly after. To kick the tough conversation off, Keith reminds Austin that this shouldn’t be a competition.

He goes on to say that Austin is bringing an attitude of boasting to the workshops, but the work isn’t backing that up. But rather than have the conversation and work things out, Austin gets defensive and confrontational and leaves. Sean and Keith take that as Austin leaving the group for good.

Cut to the Jim Henson studio for the final workshop, where Sean tells the group that Austin is out. The episode then shifts to a couple of side scenes.

One side scene shows Sean and James talking about what happened with Austin. Sean calls Austin one of the most disrespectful people he’s ever met. Another side, between Austin and Alexandra, has Austin explain that he felt attacked. In voiceover, Alexandra says that Austin sold her someone who isn’t really him and he’s chosen to be on his own team.

Alexandra’s thoughts transition into her music video, “You Think You Know Someone.”

It’s now the final rehearsal before the performance for the investors. At the Odyssey Theater, they bring in Ali, an associate director to help with movement, and Deforrest, the show’s stage manager.

While the others are prepping for their performance, Austin is shown at a party. In voiceover, Austin says he still feels untouchable and he wouldn’t change anything that happened.

Back at the theater, Leo is first up to work on his material. While his song talks about his relationship with his dad, the episode shifts to show a scene between him and his father. His dad tells Leo a story about how he was on acid with Leo’s mom the day Leo was conceived.

This leads into the music video, “For the Love,” featuring Leo and Pia.

The group takes a break at rehearsal in the theater. Off in a corner, Alexandra confesses to Sean that she’s feeling anxious and overwhelmed since she misses home. Sean reminds her to stay present because the experience will be over quickly.

In a flashback to the second workshop, Alexandra talks about the love song she wrote about her relationship with Indy.

Pia takes the stage next in their rehearsal. In her monologue, she talks about her experience auditioning for American Idol with her dad by her side. She also admits that, ever since she lost her record deal, she hasn’t committed to being a full-time artist.

During a small break, Pia says Sean should cut her monologue. She tells him that as soon as she hits the X at the front of the stage, she turns into something else, something that isn’t her. She’s struggling to connect to the work on stage.

Later, Keith works with Taz alone at the piano in the theater. She’s working through severe nerves and is freezing up during her monologue. In voiceover, she worries about disappointing her parents. On top of that, her father suffered a stroke and is re-learning to walk.

Ali takes over once the group is back together and they start working on the opening number. Ali is restructuring the number and everyone has to learn new placements. Everyone is nervous about the changes. The most vocal are James and Alexandra. Exhaustion is setting in.

On a break, Alexandra lets loose. She (basically saying what everyone is feeling) vents to Keith that she doesn’t understand why everything needs to change—and change for the fourth time, at that. Arika agrees, saying she’s starting to not care anymore.

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The episode ends on Pia and Sean trying to comfort a panicking Alexandra before they have to return to rehearsal.

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