Explained: Netflix greenlights season 2 of topical docu-series


Netflix has confirmed the second season of Explained, which explores a wide variety of topics with the help of celebrity narrators.

Vox and Vox Entertainment will make more episodes of Explained for Netflix, according to Deadline. Created by Ezra Klein and Joe Posner, Explained seeks to explain things, and apparently was successful enough to merit another season.

While Vox’s previous YouTube videos follow a similar format, the Netflix version offers more in-depth analysis, according to Ezra Klein. Certainly, a 15 or 20-minute video can offer more detail than a 7 or 8 minute one.

While details aren’t clear on what season 2 entails, the first one addressed topics like “The Racial Wealth Gap,” “Monogamy,” “K-Pop,” “The Female Orgasm,” “Extraterrestrial Life,” “The World’s Water Crisis” and even the “Exclamation Mark (!).”

Each Explained episode ranges in length from 14–20 minutes, featuring celebrity narrators like Christian Slater, Nick Kroll, Rachel Bloom, Jerry Springer, Aasif Mandvi, Rachel McAdams, Kevin Smith, and LeVar Burton.

Of course, there are conflicting views on topics, and some viewers criticize the show for being biased, or not presenting a wide enough variety of opinions on a given topic.

For example, the IMDb reviews are mixed, with people either loving it or hating its (real or alleged) biases.

It’s not known when the second season will premiere, but the first Explained season is still available for streaming on Netflix. It was released between May and September of 2018.

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The docu-series was produced by Ezra Klein, Kara Rozansky, Claire Gordon, Chad Mumm, Lisa Nishimura, Joe Posner, Jason Spingarn-Koff and Kate Townsend.

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