Star Wars: 5 shows we want to see next on Disney+

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story / Image by Lucas Film

New Star Wars spin-off shows have been announced for Disney’s streaming service, Disney+. We have some suggestions for other shows the franchise giant could create for the service.

What a time to be a geek! Not only have comic books finally come into vogue, but our favorite franchises are expanding every other day. Recently, Disney, the entertainment conglomerate that owns Marvel and Star Wars, announced several original shows for their own streaming platform’s roster.

Disney+, set to launch in 2019, will have Marvel Cinematic Universe shows, as well as Star Wars spin-offs, including Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian, starring Pedro Pascal and Gina Carano, as well as a Cassian Andor show with Diego Luna reprising his role from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

All this new content is making us Star Wars fans want more. Call us greedy, but Disney has the resources and deep pockets to make our galactic dreams come true. What they need is a push in the proper direction, right?

The Star Wars universe has a vast cast of characters who we would love to see return, but a number of those introduced into the recent cinematic canon have been killed off before audiences got to know them. Spin-offs featuring these characters feel like the way forward.

We at Show Snob have some suggestions for Disney executives – five of them for now, anyway. For the purpose of practicality and logistics, our list of character suggestions for Disney+ spin-offs primarily encompasses new Star Wars characters from the last handful of years.

This makes it possible for the actors to reprise their roles, like Diego Luna will do, while also adding to the mythos.

For this list, we are looking at characters who fans really loved, but are unlikely to see again. Everyone has their favorites, so if you don’t see yours among the list, let us know who they are in the comments and why you want to see them back on screen.