Star Wars: 5 shows we want to see next on Disney+

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Solo: A Star Wars Story / Image by Lucas Film

1. Young Lando Calrissian

George Lucas purportedly included Billy Dee Williams’ Lando Calrissian in the original Star Wars trilogy after calls for more diversity in the series. Of course, Lando was introduced as a bad guy, but his actions came from a good place.

It wasn’t long before he won the hearts of fans and has become an integral part of the canon.

When Solo: A Star Wars Story was announced, the casting of young Lando was of great concern to fans. But Donald Glover took the role by the horns and ran with it.

We hear him in the film before seeing him and he captured Williams’ speech pattern and pitch perfectly. Glover added the right amount of levity and pathos to the character; it’s a shame the script didn’t allow him much screen time.

Calls for a Lando solo film sprung up shortly after Glover’s casting, and since it was revealed that the character is pansexual, fans have been craving more.

Lando is a narcissistic, gambling rogue, always out of pocket and desperate for a quick credit – the kind of adventures he could go on would be immeasurable.

I liken a show about him being similar to Captain Kirk’s in the original Star Trek series – finding trouble and love in every corner.

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Glover is a busy man juggling his acting career with his Childish Gambino music persona, but I doubt if Disney came a-knocking, he’d be able to resist. With a wardrobe as cool as his personality, a Lando show could be that feel-good escape all fans can enjoy.