Titans: DC Universe releases first images of Donna Troy


Get your first look at Donna Troy on DC Universe’s Titans. Can we expect the show to introduce Troy’s alter-ego from the comic books, Wonder Girl?

Titans fans, are you ready for more of your favorite characters to join the DC Universe show? DC has released new images from the series of Donna Troy, a long-standing member of the Titans in the comic books.

As her alter-ego, Wonder Girl, Donna fought alongside Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy and Aqualad in the revamped Teen Titans series and has been a mainstay in almost all renditions of the Titans since.

We have known for some time that Donna Troy would be appearing on Titans since Conor Leslie (known for her recurring role on Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle) has been on the cast list from the beginning. But so far, there has been no mention of her in the show.

Donna Troy’s history is inextricably linked to Wonder Woman and the Amazons, but fans are unlikely to catch a glimpse of the great Amazon on Titans since even Batman isn’t allowed to turn up on the show.

Wonder Girl and the Titans (Credit: DC Comics)

Eagle-eyed fans would have spotted Donna Troy in the photograph that Minka Kelly’s Dawn Granger, aka Dove, looked at during the second episode of Titans.

Donna looked happy surrounded by Dick Grayson/Robin (Brenton Thwaites), Dawn, and Hank Hall/Hawk (Alan Ritchson). Donna’s name also popped up in Dick’s contact list in the same episode, so viewers have been left to speculate what became of their relationship.

The images released show Donna studying a computer screen and photographing a warehouse. There’s also one image of her talking to Dick Grayson, which may be a flashback.

Titans has indulged in plenty of flashbacks to provide Dick’s backstory, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Dick and Donna’s relationship is also shown in this fashion.

I really hope that Donna Troy is not portrayed as Dick’s romantic partner; almost all the leading ladies on Titans have had some romantic dealings with Dick and that’s a really limiting perspective for character development in 2018.

There are no indications that Wonder Girl will appear on the show, but perhaps she has hung up her cape just like Dick had planned to do.

Donna Troy and Dick are close friends in the comic books, as are the rest of the Titans – the team has always been about friendship first, so the DC Universe show has taken a very different route with the formation of the team.

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How will Donna’s appearance on Titans affect the team dynamics? And will Wonder Girl be joining the fray? We will know soon enough. Stay tuned to our Titans recaps to find out.