Castlevania season 2, episode 4 recap: Broken Mast


Episode 4 from season 2 of the Netflix series, Castlevania, sees Godbrand thirst for human blood, but his treason against Dracula proves too much.

Like many Castlevania episodes, “Broken Mast” isn’t simply centered on the good guys. It begins with vampire warlord Godbrand (Peter Stormare) on a warpath, looking for human prey. Dismissing some as “brave livestock,” he makes short work of them. As it turns out, his literal thirst for blood will cost him dearly in the end.

We are only briefly shown Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage) and crew, and it’s basically to show him getting along with Sypha (Alejandra Reynoso) and trading barbs with Alucard (James Callis). Aside from that, we learn that Belmont has found some distance mirrors, allowing them to see things from far away (which will surely be a valuable tool in tracking down Dracula’s constantly traveling castle).

Treason and the punishment due

In previous episodes, Carmilla (Jaime Murray) was revealed as a potential usurper to Dracula (Graham McTavish), instilling doubt in his otherwise loyal legion. Here she says to the forge master Hector (Theo James) that Dracula failed his people. She dismisses Dracula’s slain wife as a mistreated “human pet,” and that vampires shouldn’t be considered as less important than her. She asks, “Should this war be prosecuted by a confused man?” She wants to unseat Dracula and take his place with her own powerful brand of chicanery.

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In contrast, we know that Isaac (Adetokumboh M’Cormack) is a Dracula loyalist, and most likely to stick with him ’til the end. Basically, Dracula needs people like Isaac on his side, as he knows not to underestimate Belmont (or his own half-blood son). Whereas Godbrand is a loose cannon, loudmouth, and braggart, Isaac is cold, calculating and determined to see the human race vanquished. This is why, toward the end of the episode, Isaac slays Godbrand.

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There’s a sense that, yes, Godbrand was indeed treasonous in suggesting the war be waged without Dracula. However, it’s more complicated than that.   Isaac is almost like a human extension of his master and sees things from an even broader, strategic point of view. Personalities like Godbrand’s will always carry risk, and Isaac’s goal isn’t merely to maraud around and claim the occasional human victim. In fact, it’s not even about bloodshed.  It’s about erasing humans from the blighted face of the earth.

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