Elseworlds: The CW releases 3 sneak peek videos ahead of Arrowverse crossover


Elseworlds promises to treat us to a Freaky Friday swap in the Arrowverse.

It’s that time of the year again when fans are treated to the annual Arrowverse crossover. Elseworlds is shaping up to be the craziest one yet thanks to the three sneak peek The CW released this week. With Oliver and Barry living each other’s lives, it looks like a lot of hijinks will ensue as they try to undo whatever madness has forced the swap.

In the first sneak peek, Oliver wakes up in an unfamiliar bed to a different wife calling him for breakfast. Yes, Iris West-Allen has finally perfected pancakes but sadly it isn’t for Barry. Oliver is shocked and confused by what’s happening and hilariously is worried Barry might walk in at any second. It’s funny his first reaction is thinking about Barry compared to his wife, Felicity. Nevertheless, Oliver seems to table his freakout by complimenting Iris’ pancakes while trying to figure out what’s going on.

Barry isn’t quite as traumatized as Oliver, instead, he finds the entire situation pretty exciting. In an exclusive clip from USA Today, we get to see Barry’s reaction to their current situation.  Not only does he have abs, but he can also do the salmon ladder with complete ease. For Arrow fans, bringing the ladder back feels more like fanservice but we’re not complaining. The speedster changes his tone regarding how awesome Elseworlds is when he realizes Oliver woke up in the same bed as Iris. It’s all fun and games until another person is in bed with the love of your life!

Luckily, on Kara’s Earth, Barry and Oliver are still their typical selves in the clip sent to GameSpot. The latter two rush off to the Kent farm looking for Supergirl but run into some new faces. Lois Lane greets them with a hammer and a demand regarding their identities. Luckily, Kara is able to break things up before anything escalates. Elseworlds‘ version of Lois Lane is an interesting addition to the Arrowverse, but most viewers will be more ecstatic to see the other heroes meet Clark. Barry is shocked to meet the infamous Superman, while a suddenly self-conscious Oliver hilariously puffs his chest out to compete.

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Based on these sneak peeks, Elseworlds is going to turn our heroes’ worlds upside down. Truthfully, we can’t wait to see what the Arrowverse has in store for us. Considering the best part of the universe on The CW is seeing our favorite characters interact, the annual crossovers are always a lot of fun.

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