Fandom 250: Stranger Things ranks at number three in television!


The Stranger Things fandom proves that they are the best of the best–and here to stay.

Stranger Things is a global phenomenon–and that’s putting it lightly. Ever since its premiere, it has taken the world by storm and brought us all into the mystery and suspense of it all. But you know what drives this love and devotion like nothing else? The amazing fandom.

Without the amazing fans and their undying appreciation, any show simply cannot last. And Stranger Things has some of the best fans out there that contribute to the success of the show. This is why the fandom ranked #79 overall in the Fandom 250 and #3 in the category of television.

Over the last couple of years, fans have spilled their adoration for Stranger Things into anything and everything. This includes clothes, games, and coming up pretty soon–video games and comic books! But this world would mean nothing if it was not for the fans that love the show so much. Because of the fandom, the Stranger Things universe has been able to expand into what it is now.

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Fans flock to conventions to meet or simply catch a glimpse of the cast. And if not that, then most recently Universal Studios gave fans an opportunity to live out Stranger Things through their Halloween Horror Nights. The possibilities are seemingly endless and would not exist without the fans showing up 1000% of the time.

Despite the fact that 2018 brought no new season of the show, fans have still kept the love going strong through various platforms and efforts. There is an online community that exists looking to keep the conversation alive until the series returns (hopefully) next year. Even better yet, social media is the best way the fandom can truly celebrate their love for the show.

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They go all out with their cosplay, interacting with the cast, and doing what they can to let it be known that they admire everything Stranger Things. The fandom is amazing and continues to grow with every passing day. Seriously, there will never be anything like it!

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