Fandom 250: Orange Is The New Black has a fandom like no other!


We may be saying bye to Orange is the New Black soon–but the fandom will forever celebrate this beautiful story.

Orange Is The New Black has a very unique fandom. In fact, it may be one of the first Netflix shows to really define what a fandom means. This is not to say that fandoms never existed before this, but when Netflix really started taking over, this series was there.

It wasn’t the streaming giant’s first original series, but it is the one that attracted users to flock to Netflix and sign up. And of course, these users went on to become the fabulous fandom that now exists for Orange is the New Black.

This past July, the series aired its sixth season, and (hopefully) in the new year, we will be treated to the seventh and final season. The fandom has been very critical to the show’s success for multiple reasons. First off, the series explores LGTBQ stories more than any other series really does or has (besides Ryan Murphy’s Pose). This has created a support system for those that can relate to the characters that feel so much like themselves.

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The fandom has become a safe place for many, and the stories resonate with millions across the world. Thanks to the support of the fandom for embracing these storylines, other shows were able to follow suit. The love is so strong, in fact, that Orange Is the New Black has the highest number of followers on Facebook!

On FanSided’s Fandom 250, the fandom ranked #14th in TV and #156 overall. They are killing it, and it honestly comes as no surprise. The love is just palpable, isn’t it?

In the current award season, the series has not received much love, but fans aren’t letting this get to them in the least bit. They are as supportive as ever, and strongly believe that this series will continue to live on in the days after its final season. Nothing can stop them from loving this show–not even the final season.

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If you’ve ever been to a comic convention, you’ll almost always see fans cosplaying as characters from the show. You know a show has an amazing fandom when fans show up to comic conventions dressed up as Red, Piper, and the rest of the gang.

It’s a wonderful series with an even more amazing group of dedicated fans. And after the series comes to an end, it will be the fandom that carries the torch, and will always be there to remind us how amazing Orange is the New Black is.

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