The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 2, episode 8 recap: Someday…


Midge and Susie go on their first comedy tour and it isn’t everything they ever dreamed of – it was like a nightmare on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

We have the first The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel road tour, and it is anything but glamorous.

In fact, this tour is downright excruciating for Midge and Susie, but hilarious for us to watch.

The pair seemed optimistic before leaving. Midge got to sign her first autograph, and Susie typed out their itinerary for them. Susie also borrowed a vehicle from her alcoholic mother, with the help of her sister (Emily Bergl) during the last episode. The car looks like the Model T and that it was left over from Boardwalk Empire.

The tour consists of two shows in Washington D.C., a show in Philly, and then one in Harrisburg. They’ll end the tour back in New York City.

In Washington, Midge’s set was cut short by a kitchen fire. In Philly, she played to an empty house, and in Harrisburg, it was canceled altogether due to rain.

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But at least they have nice hotels to go back to, right? Nope!

Every motel is dirtier than the next. There are no bellhops! There are unflushed toilets. And there are way too many little friends to say “hello” to. Some even ate Susie’s face! Out of money, they spent their last night sleeping in the car.

To make matters worse, Midge completely forgot about the baby shower she was throwing for her best friend in the whole world, Imogene. Luckily, Midge had made all the arrangements and her mother, reluctantly, held down the fort.

They arrived ten minutes late to their last show in New York. Midge took the stage unshowered and still in her travel clothes. She kills.

After the show, the Ricky the manager refuses to pay them because they were late and “no one was drinking.” When Susie tries to take care of it, he locks her in a janitor’s closet. What a jerk!

So, what does Midge do? He calls Joel. Usually I’d be annoyed that she called him, but in this case, Joel really helped. He punched Ricky in the face, made him free Susie, and made him cough up their money. I was actually turned on a little by Joel.

Look, I’m all for girl power, but ladies, you’re lying if you say you don’t like to be rescued every now and again.

After the show, Midge walks into her apartment to a huge mess. Her mother had left the baby shower mess for her to clean up.

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This episode was much more than about the crappy side of traveling for your art. Midge saw a brief glimpse of the things she would leave behind, her friends, her kids, and her family. But if she wants to make it big, she will be leaving for more extended periods of time, and that’s going to be more difficult than she thought it would be.

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