Netflix’s Pine Gap season 1, episode 4 recap


In the latest episode of Netflix thriller, Pine Gap, Jas reveals the explosive news she found but this could rip the alliance between Australia and America apart.

At the end of episode 3 of Netflix series, Pine Gap, Jasmina Delic (Tess Haubrich) had hacked into the Australian Chief of Staff, Robert Boyle’s phone and found confidential documents from the Prime Minister. She was discovered by the mission director, Jacob Kitto (Stephen Curry) who is hopping mad because she has been snooping. Together with Kath Sinclair (Jacqueline McKenzie), he tells Jas in no uncertain terms that she had best stick to her analysis job and continue feeding them America’s secrets while protecting Australia’s.

Kath and Jacob’s mutual dislike for each other becomes even more obvious once Jas leaves the office. Kath believes Jacob has alienated Jas when they should be keeping her ‘on side’; Jacob thinks they should split up A-crew and send the Aussies away. But this would be a suspicious move according to Kath. These two can’t agree on anything!

Simon Penny (Sachin Joab) visits Kath to inform her that he would like to apply for a Senior Manager position in Canberra – it has better pay and he would be closer to his family. Simon asks Kath to be his reference, but she looks unconvinced. Applications for the position close in two days and Kath doesn’t believe he has the correct skill set to apply for the job. Simon exits the officer absolutely crushed.

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Jas reveals to Gus Thompson (Parker Sawyers) that the document she read was from China, offering Australia a treaty of neutrality. While it has not been signed yet, Gus believes this was the news that the journalist, Lwin, had discovered. He believes the Chinese government would have wanted to keep the deal secret until it was confirmed, so as to ‘wave it in America’s face’. He is convinced that China launched the missile attack on the plane Lwin was on, to silence her – not the Rohingya as Kath and Jacob have been insisting on.

And now it’s all clear to Gus. Jas wasn’t supposed to reveal this information to him. She breaks down, saying she just wanted a meaningful connection with someone, but working at Pine Gap makes it nearly impossible. Now that she’s with Gus, she can’t stand the idea of keeping secrets, Jas wants something to be real.

Rudi Fox (Lewis Fitz-Gerald) has been getting increasing riled up by the Aussies and it culminates in him exploding during a team meeting. After the American President’s candid exclamations about Australia are leaked to the press by Chinese intelligence, Pine Gap is on high alert for a possible strike from China. This is the American priority in Pine Gap, but Kath informs him that the team also need to divert resources to trade negotiations in Doha. Ethan James (Steve Toussaint) agrees with Kath, but Rudy takes this opportunity to act on his own.

He investigates the lockers of the six collections room suspects, when Deb Vora (Alice Keohavong), who is one of the suspects, appears. She has a headache and has come to retrieve some medication, but Rudi is suspicious. He races to ask Ethan if their tracker has detected activity in the collections room, but no such luck.

Gus meets with Rudi to get the greenlight to continue his relationship with Jas. Rudi reminds him that she will be investigated by the NSA for possibly holding a grudge against the Americans for the hand they played in her parents’ deaths. Gus responds by saying it wouldn’t affect her because the Kosovans were the ones responsible – so, she still hasn’t shared the whole truth with Gus. Rudi acquiesces and signs the documentation.

Ethan’s wife, Belle (Simone Kessell) has been feeling increasingly isolated and estranged from her husband. She has taken the opportunity to explore Alice Springs, falling in love with its art and nature. Along the way, she bumped into Chinese businessman Zhou Lin (Jason Chong) on several occasions. They are both basketball fans and when they meet at the court in this episode, he makes it clear that he has developed feelings for her. In the past episodes, Ethan has been suspicious of Lin’s connections with the Australians, so could Lin have an ulterior motive for getting close to Belle?

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Meanwhile, Moses Dreyfus (Mark Leonard Winter) has been spotted buying gifts for an uninvited guest. Rudi believes he’s having an affair with the underage girl who could be blackmailing Moses, and this immediately puts Moses on top of Rudi’s suspect list.

Jacob is afraid that Jas will end up sharing Australian secrets with Gus; he sows the seeds of dissent by suggesting Gus apply for a Program Director job elsewhere. Gus looks into it but soon proves Jacob’s instincts were right. Gus tells Ethan about the Chinese neutrality offer, sparking concern in his boss. With the possibility of war in the South China Seas hanging over them, the alliance between Australia and America may have reached its breaking point. Is there any coming back?