Steven Yeun cast in The Twilight Zone, Miley Cyrus to appear in Black Mirror


Steven Yeun and Miley Cyrus are each set to appear in an episode of a buzzy sci-fi anthology series.

In Yeun’s case, that series is The Twilight Zone, the upcoming revival of the show that originally hit the air in 1959 and was created and narrated by Rod Sterling.

Yeun, best-known for his role as Glenn on The Walking Dead, will star in an episode titled “The Traveler.” No additional details are known about the episode’s story or Yeun’s character.

The Twilight Zone was a sensation during its original run. Although other revivals of the series have been attempted, they haven’t had nearly as much success.

Hopes are higher for this reimagining, which will air of CBS All Access because it will be ushered to the screen and narrated by Jordan Peele. Peele wrote and directed 2017’s horror film Get Out, which was popular with both critics and audiences for its topical exploration of race relations.

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Serling used The Twilight Zone to tell similarly topical stories that used science fiction to metaphorically explore the social realities and culture of the time. If Peele can bring the same sensibility he brought to Get Out to The Twilight Zone he may be able to recapture what was most celebrated about the original series.

Since leaving The Walking Dead in 2016, Yeun has appeared in several movies, including Okja and Sorry to Bother You and voiced characters in series like Voltron and Troll Hunters: Tales of Arcadia. Most recently, he starred in Lee Chang-dong’s critically acclaimed Burning, which is South Korea’s entry for the Oscar’s Best Foreign Language Film award.

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus has more or less confirmed the rumor that she will appear in an episode of the upcoming fifth season of the Netflix anthology series Black Mirror.

Cyrus’s sister, Brandi, referred to her sister’s involvement on her podcast, Your Favorite Thing. When Howard Stern asked if this was true during an interview with Cyrus on his Sirius XM show, Cyrus simply shook her head “yes.” Netflix declined to provide any additional information.

Black Mirror, created by Charlie Brooker, has often been called a modern-day Twilight Zone, given each episode explores the impact of technology on humanity.

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The series has won several Emmys and its new season, which is believed to premiere on December 28, is highly anticipated.

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(Source: Deadline)