Narcos: Mexico: Diego Luna and Scoot McNairy will return for season 3!


Don’t worry Narcos: Mexico fans–Diego Luna will be back for season 2!

Narcos: Mexico got a quick season 2 renewal, and considering the number of shows that have been canceled on Netflix–we are relieved! Better yet, production has already begun in Mexico City so *fingers crossed* we’ll have the next season sometime in 2019.

In a report released by Deadline, it was confirmed that Diego Luna will return as the druglord Felix Gallardo. In addition, Scoot McNairy will return for season 2 as DEA Agent Walt Breslin. McNairy will play a larger role in the second season and left viewers with a lot to look forward to in the season 1 finale.

Just as its predecessor did, Narcos: Mexico had a narrator detailing the events of the season, but this time around, we had no idea who it was. The season 1 finale revealed that it was Agent Breslin who has gathered together a team to take down those responsible for Agent Camarena’s death. Who else is extremely excited to see how it will go down?!

With just one season under its belt, Narcos: Mexico has garnered the attention of many and stood out on its own despite the show preceding it. Given how much adoration fans had for the original series, this came as no easy task. But Luna as Gallardo and Michael Pena as Kiki Camerena upped the ante and took the series to a whole new level.

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Sadly, Camarena’s story has come to an end, and we will sorely miss Pena’s presence in the series. However, the season 1 finale left us with a lot to look forward to and be ecstatic about. And with a new agent in the mix, who knows what dangers lurk ahead for the Mexican cartel.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Narcos: Mexico for the success of the series. And a very special shout-out to Diego Luna, who has been nominated for a Critic’s Choice Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series! Looks like Gallardo is here to stay.