5 cool things about Star Trek: Discovery’s newest trailer

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5 cool things about Star Trek: Discovery’s newest trailer / pic by CBS

Star Trek: Discovery has released a new trailer for the upcoming second season featuring family reunions amidst a furious fight for the future of the universe and plenty of a new sexy young bearded Spock.

Here are five cool things from the new Star Trek: Discovery trailer.

Bearded Spock

Obviously. Ethan Peck as the newest incarnation of the iconic character features prominently in the new trailer but shows us a new side to the Vulcan’s persona – the scruffy, adventurous side.

Our first look of Spock is of a man with over-long, luxurious hair and a full, dark beard. It looks good on him, although it seems likely that the look is more from enforced neglect than by choice. Might Spock have been in a situation in which he didn’t have access to a razor?

It is surprising to see, considering the only time we’ve seen Spock with facial hair of any kind is in the Mirrorverse. Wait, is this Mirrorverse Spock? I think probably not – but what if it was? He does appear to attack a Starfleet medical officer.

And there’s more to him than just the beard. In a scene that echoes our first introduction to his adopted sister Michael Burnham, Spock “smiles” in anticipation of charging into danger. He’s having fun.