5 cool things about Star Trek: Discovery’s newest trailer

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5 cool things about Star Trek: Discovery’s newest trailer / Image by CBS

Family Reunions

We’ve heard from Michael and Sarek both that Spock’s relationship with both of them are somewhat strained. We see in the trailer that Michael and Spock have the opportunity to reunite and work together, although it’s obvious there’s some tension to work out.

Spock seems angered by the risks Michael took to save him, perhaps having put the universe at risk by doing so. He says that the future may be determined by their actions and that a great responsibility is at hand.

Given the trouble caused by Michael’s recklessness in season one, she may have something to learn from Spock’s considered approach, but he may have something to learn from her about sacrifice.

It will be interesting to see them interact and learn more about their family dynamic.

Old School Nostalgia

There’s an interesting mix of uniforms floating around this trailer, mostly as worn by Captain Christopher Pike. He appears both in the Discovery uniforms we know from season one, but also in a gold classic style uniform as worn on The Original Series.

It’s unclear why the switch from one to the other or why officers who all work for Starfleet would be wearing such drastically different uniforms. Whatever the reason, we get a dose of nostalgia when Pike shows up wearing his command gold. And that subtle asymmetrical collar looks pretty fly, too.

In addition, there’s also something nostalgic about Anson Mount’s delivery of certain lines, a certain style that reminds us of the Original Series and gives this very modern show a classical flavor.