Top 7 Shameless moments from Season 9

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Top 7 Shameless moments from Season 9 / Image by Showtime

Shameless is on hiatus for the holidays, but we’ll still need something interesting to talk about with our family after the gift exchange.

While waiting for Showtime’s spring fling with the second half of Shameless season 9 — sit tight like Ian in a prison cell, and rest assured these seven moments were enough to get us through until 2019.

7. Frank and the PTA

Frank has always been causing trouble for others in the wake of his fun. Never has he needed to be quarantined, much less cause another the inconvenience.

So when Frank is fingered as the culprit causing the sexually spread infections running rampant through the private school PTA, the victims in his wake are able to gang up on him in retaliation.

It must be said, in fairness to Frank, a few relationships made some real progress towards compassion, understanding, and a new day of peace with their significant other(s).

6. Carl and military school

Veronica gets Carl over the top and into the breach of military school with a wonderful seduction of a fine veteran man upholding the finest of conservative Christian ideals.

With a gag, whip, and just a touch of force, Veronica convinces some Southside Chicago district representative that Carl Gallagher is the epitome of American ingenuity and grit.

He would make a fine soldier and needs to get as far away from Kassidy as possible to have a chance in this world. The discipline and routine would not hurt the boy, truth be told.