Top 7 Shameless moments from Season 9

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1. Kevin

All season, Kevin carries Shameless when no one else can. He hits the highest notes of comedy, intentional and otherwise. He delicately addresses the tough issues, and knows when not to talk at all. Veronica may have him trained after all.

Kevin. A sexually liberated man who had helped clean up and consulted with many Southside bars to make them safe for women.

Kevin has been with the Alibi since the beginning, under multiple owners. Including himself as owner, though its best Vee keep him none the wiser. And what did Kevin eventually say when it came time to confront the woman’s convention? Nothing, because what could he say. Exactly. Dumb as he may be he got it.

Kevin might not be the brightest on some issues, but as the moral barometer of the show, he is wonderful.

Kevin might be at fault for being a protective dad, to the point of scaring away Veronica’s friends just to hoard the girl’s baby toys. Who hasn’t faked a chainsaw death to protect the children’s memories? Let them throw the fit Lego!

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Kevin even wants to have another child. Veronica is warming up to the idea, but with certain conditions that arguably lends the writers a option towards one easy solution. Will it happen? Find out when Shameless returns to Showtime January 20, 2019.