Dogs of Berlin season 1 episode 7 recap: Derby


Erol grows frustrated and angry that Tarik-Amir continues to go unchallenged, while Grimmer continues to be distracted by his personal issues on the seventh episode of Dogs of Berlin.

Red Card is working on all these mob angles in connection with the Erdem case, but no one has even found Erdem’s gaudy gold Lamborghini yet. To make a point, two women drive up in a similar gold Lambo while the police commissioner is talking to the press outside of headquarters.

He is furious for being made a fool of and tells Red Card to get to work finding the car. The public thinks that the rims are white from the pictures, but Erdem changed them before his death to black rims, narrowing down the number of random tips they have to take seriously.

Petrovic leaves the task force after her romantic run-in with Grimmer. Before she goes she tells him about a tip she got about a gold Lambo with black rims seen in the Marzhan area after Erdem’s murder.

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Grimmer has an epiphany about Erdem’s murder and finds the Lambo in the garage belonging to apartment 36 near where Erdem was found – the witness who supposedly saw four young Arabs leaving the scene.

Grimmer has to face the punishment for being unable to pay back the money to the Brotherhood. He goes out in the woods with them where they play ball games – which consists of them taking turns kicking him in the balls.

I have to say, as effective as the punishment is, I credited them with more imagination than that. I certainly thought it was going to be something more diabolical and sadistic, but I guess if they had more imagination they might not be racist in the first place.

Eva collects the money from her own savings to save both her sons and arrives claiming she found it in the safe. Fuchts and Erol follow Grimmer and call for backup when they see what is happening.

Grimmer is saved and relatively unharmed since he secretly wore a cup. But there are plenty of questions regarding his affiliation with the Brotherhood.

Rafi has a new plan for Murad. If they can get the money, they can buy their own equipment second hand and start their own label. He’s going to ask Hakim for the money. He has a gift for him that he thinks will help.

Raif’s gift is a ceramic figure of a king that looks just like Hakim. Impressed, Hakim gives him some cash but tells him that money is earned, but that he’ll get the opportunity to earn it.

Erol patrols outside the no-go area, Tarik-Amir territory off limits to police. Canberk shows up to help mediate a peace treaty, telling Erol to back off. He waits for him to make sure he gets out safely. While he’s waiting he sees Kamila, Hakim’s fiancé, who used to be Erol’s girlfriend before he came out. She says she’s doing fine and to leave her alone.

Erol crosses the no-go line to find Canberk and learns that Hakim knows he talked to Kamila. He covers for her and demands to see Canberk. He’s taken into a plastic covered room. Canberk is okay, but Hakim is offended by Erol’s presumption. He threatens them both, but they are ultimately escorted out without harm – for now.

Bou’Penga struggles with his new reputation as his parents try to get him to see an anger management specialist. He offers to pay Kareem off to end the blackmail and says he doesn’t care if he releases the sex photos, but now Kareem has betting slips that prove his involvement in match-fixing. That would ruin his career for sure, more than a sex scandal.

Bine wakes up at a local clinic. She claims she barely had anything to drink but she had alcohol poisoning. Bine is mistaken for homeless, a social worker trying to help her a find a shelter to stay at.

She gets angry and storms out, but Eva is there and recognizes her. She decides to follow her and finds her drunk and contemplating suicide at a local mall.

Eva gives her some tough love, telling her no one will notice her grand gesture except her kids, who actually need her – but that even after a few years her kids won’t even remember her. Bine climbs down off the railing.

Trinity is on Schmaus’s trail, tracking him to Chile. Her job is to dispose of any evidence leading back to the football association and incriminating the players.

She discovers that Schmaus is working for the German Football Association, just like her, but he’s become a liability with all the media attention. Schmaus tries to pay her off and blackmail Laubach, but he gets shot up later for his trouble.

Paula goes dancing with Murathan, her handsome stranger, and makes out with him. They meet the next day for a romantic picnic. Paula says she can’t sleep with him because she’s had an argument with her husband, but she gives him a nice hand job.

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Since nothing is really adding up here, clans blaming each other for Erdem’s death when no one seems to be responsible, I’m guessing that the solution will end up being much more random and simple.

The guy in apartment 36 certainly seems to be involved, since he has the Lambo, but the question is whether he has any affiliation with any of the clans or the football association.

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