Dogs of Berlin season 1 episode 8 recap: National


Tensions flare at Erdem’s funeral as rival clans come together and rumors of Nazi involvement in Erdem’s murder circulates. Meanwhile, Erol deals with personal loss and Grimmer hatches schemes on the eighth episode of Dogs of Berlin.

Everyone shows up to Erdem’s funeral – Kovac, Tarik-Amir, Murathan’s biker club (the Death Daggers), footballers, the police – it’s just crazy with tension.

Threats are made between Tariki-Amir and Kovac. Plus, rumors are being spread throughout the media that the Nazis are responsible for Erdem’s death, igniting passions in the Turkish community. The Death Daggers team up with Erdem’s brother and invite the Nazis to a fight by beating up one of the Brotherhood and sending a message.

Before Erol can do any policework Hakim sends him a threatening photo of Rafika – Erol’s friend and co-worker who is in the hospital after the failed Tarik-Amir raid.

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He rushes to see her, but she’s fine. The photo was taken almost a week ago and was used to distract him. Not long later, he gets a call telling him of Canberk’s murder. Grimmer is at the brutal scene and there to comfort the devastated Erol when he arrives.

Grimmer tells Erol that if there’s even the smallest connection between Canberk’s murder and the clans and Erdem’s murder they can use the task force to investigate it. And even if there isn’t, Grimmer is willing to make one up to use all their resources to take down those responsible.

Grimmer brings photos of the funeral to Murad to identify Spati’s killers, but he leads his answers so that he identifies Kovac himself. Then Grimmer calls Kovac to warn him before they make the arrests and tells him to save himself.

This makes his men feel abandoned so that they talk to the police to save themselves. This is how the police learn that Tarik-Amir owned Erdem and wanted to take over the Kovac territory. Grimmer is a fantastic strategist but really crooked in his methods.

The information allows Erol to bring his old team into the investigation to help take down Tarik-Amir and Kovac. But with Kovac in hiding, Kareem takes the opportunity to swoop in and buy up his betting shops and men.

Meanwhile, Raif sells out Erol to earn the money from Hakim. He tells Murad and Maissa that Erol said they can go home, getting them out of the way for the the hit squad to come in and either scare off or kill Erol.

Grimmer is keeping his discovery of the Lambo to himself, even tells Erol that the lead was a dead end. Later, he confronts the man in apartment 36 and brings some photos to ask him if he can identify the Arabs he saw. The guy is clearly racist, saying that Southern Europeans all look the same to him.

The Nazis and the Turks meet in an old lot and start to have a riot. Some children are present, teenage boys from both groups that clearly have no strong feelings against each other but are expected to fight and hate each other or risk the disapproval of their families.

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Paula has another run-in with Nike. She comes to apologize, apparently trying to make things right, but Paula is angry and afraid. There’s nothing Nike can do to make things better. While she leaves without causing trouble, Paula is still dealing with trauma and texts Murathan for help.

He’s busy with the Death Daggers at the funeral and doesn’t reply. Paula puts up a help wanted sign — refusing to work with the parole system again. Bine answers her ad and gets hired.

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